• Conducted on

1.0 - Previous inspection

  • 1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - Are there no outstanding actions?

Manometer Readings

  • Hub Cutter

  • Coated Sand Collector

  • Graphite (Mold Repair)

  • East King Mill

  • Peener / Cleaner

  • Drag Cleaner

  • Hot Wheel Grinder

  • Cope Cleaner

  • EAF Dust Collector

  • Explain corrective actions taken for any readings outside of the normal range

Daily Visible Emissions @ EAF Stack (P901 & 902)

  • Daily Visible Emissions at the EAF stack?

  • If yes, describe the color of the emissions:

  • Duration of emissions in minutes?

  • Corrective Actions taken?

Unpaved Roadways Inspection (F005)

  • Unpaved roadways inspection required?

  • Road Moisture Conditions

  • Control measures required?

  • Date Implemented if required:

  • Corrective Actions taken?

Landfill / Slag Pile Daily Inspection (F006)

  • Inspection Conducted at landfill?

  • Inspection Conducted at Slag Pile?

  • If inspection not completed, state the reason:

  • Control measures required?

  • Type of controls implemented?

  • Date Implemented if required:

Metal Reclamation in Landfill

  • Is Source Operating?

  • Inspection Conducted?

  • Visible Emissions observed?

  • Control Measures Required?

  • Date Implemented if required:

  • Corrective Actions taken?

Daily Visible Emissions - Roof Vents

  • Visible Emissions from the Roof Vents?

  • If yes, describe the color of the emissions:

  • Emissions Normal?

  • Operation during emission

  • Duration of emissions in minutes

  • Corrective Actions taken?

Sign Off

  • Auditor's Name:

  • Auditor's signature

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