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  • Group MD’s Site Auditt

  • Client / Site

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  • Gregory McDonald

  • Location
  • Personnel

First impressions

  • On arrival, were cars reverse-parked?

  • Were pallets neatly stacked outside?

  • Were there any other safety risks or signs of a lack of order observed on arrival?


  • Does the reception look tidy? Is it clear what to do on arrival?

  • Is there information in reception regarding our health & safety policy, any need for PPE and a sense that the visitor needs to take care?


  • Were there any signs of material not being covered, and so open to the risk of contamination with dirt?

  • Was all material clearly identified?

  • Are there brooms and cleaning equipment stationed correctly at cleaning stations, rather than leaning up against machinery or walls?

  • Were the correct standard operating procedures or work instructions at the chosen operator’s workstation?

  • Were any scrap parts not clearly identifiable at the chosen workstation? Was there any possibility of them being mistakenly packed for shipment?

  • Did the operator’s paperwork correctly identify the number of scrap parts found?

  • Did the operator’s paperwork clearly identify the reasons for any scrap parts?

  • Was it clear who was in charge of the shift?

  • Did any alarms sound in the Mouldshop during the audit that weren’t addressed within 10 seconds?

  • Were temporary agency workers clearly identifiable by their workwear? Were they wearing hi-viz?

  • Was there any evidence during the audit of anyone from the quality department doing any patrol inspections?

  • Was there any indication as to whether the shift was producing the work to plan?


  • Was everyone in the stores area wearing hi-viz?

  • Was it clear whether product had been signed off for delivery to customer?

  • Did the area look safely de-cluttered?

  • Was it obvious that a FIFO system was in operation for anything?

  • Was it clear which items should be stored where?

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