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Store KPIs

  • Sales vs Forecast QTD

  • Sales vs LY QTD

  • Conversion QTD

  • Payroll Hrs vs Budget QTD

  • Is there evidence of the Cribb Sheet being used?

  • Payroll Hrs vs LY

  • How many times have you logged into MSS in the last 7 days?

  • What is your MSS response?

1. Health and Safety

  • 1. Are the Health and Safety Risk Assessment forms completed? All paperwork should be signed and dated by a member of Management.

  • 2. Is all confidential/sensitive information locked away?

  • 3. Is there evidence that the Noise Decibel checks are being completed on a weekly basis?

  • 4. Are all fire routes, both front and back of house clear and accessible?

  • 5. Have the points from the previous Risk Audit been actioned?

2. Loss Prevention

  • 1. Is the safe float correct and banking deposited? Cash Handling Policy is on Sonic under Loss Prevention.

  • 2. Is there a Visitor Sign in log in place at the till point? All Visitors must be signed in upon arrival and subsequently searched upon signing out. Visitor Search Policy is found on Sonic under Loss Prevention.

  • 3. Is there evidence of searches being conducted on staff? These should be recorded on a daily basis.

  • 4. Is the exception report printed off and checked on a daily basis in line with Company Policy? Check at least 3 days for evidence of this.

  • 5. Is the Finance paperwork completed correctly and stored in the Finance drawer as instructed:<br> Daily store opening paperwork<br> Interim paperwork<br> Closing store paperwork<br> Gift Vouchers<br> Refunds/Returns double signed<br> Petty Cash<br><br>Check at least 3 days

  • 6. Is the Store Manager aware of the most recent stocktake results?

3. Staff

  • 1. Do the staff personnel files contain Emergency Contact Details and is there an up to date list available in the 'grab bag' in case of emergencies.

  • 2. Is the Health and Safety Training up to date? This should be refreshed every 12 months. This can be the Health and Safety training document (for older stores) or the induction pack sign off.<br>Check 3 members of staff

  • 3. Is there evidence of 1 - 2 - 1 interviews with staff? These could be Performance and Potential reviews, KAOF or ABCD.<br>Check 3 members of staff.

  • 4. Do the staff know what SafeCall is and should be used for?<br>Ask 4 members of staff

4. Management Operations

  • 1. Is there a Management Diary in use?

  • 2. Is there evidence of Trade meetings/ Manager meetings taking place weekly.

  • 3. Did the Store Manager attend last centre/ host store/ association meeting?

  • 4. Is there evidence of Daily Walkthroughs being conducted by a member of Management?

  • 5. Is there evidence that Team Briefs are being conducted daily?

  • 6. Are there zoning plans in place?

5. Stockroom

  • 1. Is the stockroom layout functional, and appropriate with the store needs?

  • 2. Are the stockroom standards to Company Policy, stocktake ready?

  • 3. Is the delivery reporting table in use?

  • 4. Is the overstock being managed efficiently?

  • 5. If there are boxes on the floor, are they labelled and dated? It should be clear what is in them, as well as how long the box has been on the floor.

  • 6. Is the Sread table being used effectively?

  • 7. Is the housekeeping in the stockroom compliant to Company Policy?

6. Stock Movement

  • 1. Are the customer holds being managed and labelled correctly. Only kept for a maximum of 24 hours.

  • 2. Are there outstanding ISTs to go OUT on the HHT, over 2 days old?

  • 3. Are there outstanding ISTs on the HHT to scan in that have Proof of Delivery?

  • 4. Are there outstanding Recalls on the HHT that have not been dispatched and are from the previous week?

  • 5. Are there any outstanding cartons on the HHT that have a Proof of Delivery?

  • 6. Are quarantine cartons being dealt with? Action should be taken within 48 hours of arrival in store.

  • 7. Is there evidence of store replenishment on a regular basis? Not including Sreads.<br>What method are the store using to replen?

  • 8. Are Sreads being completed on a daily basis at regular and appropriate intervals?

  • 9. Is the 'Last Chance to Buy' being managed correctly?

  • 10. Is the store updating the Admin Portal on receipt of Click and Collect parcels?<br> Check 3 parcels from in store against the Admin Portal.<br> UK only.<br>

  • 11. Is the store keeping a record of parcels that have been collected by customers, and obtaining a signature to confirm?<br>UK only.

7. Shop Floor

  • 1. Is there a strong staff presence on the sales floor - consistent with the zoning plan, as well as trade?

  • 2. Are all staff wearing lanyards on the shop floor?

  • 3. Are the staff approaching customers?

  • 4. Is the till area clean, tidy and free from clutter?

  • 5. Is the correct till signage up?

  • 6. Are the Windows clean and dust free?

  • 7. Does the fitting room contain a current log?

  • 8. Is the fitting room clean, tidy and not used to store stock?

  • 9. Does the shop floor have consistent standards - in line with current directives?

  • 10. Size stickers on all folded stock.<br> Check across the shop floor.

  • 11. Is the I Kiosk fully in use - all of them?

  • 12. Are size cylinders accurate to garment size?<br> Check 50

  • 13. Are mannequins secured correctly? See https://sonic.rms-spoke.com/communication/read/158295.

  • 14. Are the tagging barriers operational and metal detection working where fitted ( All Dexilon gates)? All of them.

  • 15. Check 10 Men's lines for missing sizes and availability in stockroom.

  • 16. Check 10 Women's lines for missing sizes and availability in stockroom.

8. Back of House

  • 1. Are the toilets in a clean and tidy state?

  • 2. Is the shop floor access door closed during trade hours?

  • 3. Is the staff room clean, tidy, and in a functional state? The sink should be accessible, chairs available.

  • 4. Are there lockers available for staff?

  • 5. Are the lockers in use locked and secured as per Company Policy?

  • 6. Is the weekly tracker filled in daily with correct data?

9. Summary and Sign Off

  • Summary

  • Area Manager has gone through the completed audit

  • An action plan has been agreed and left in store.

  • Store Manager

  • Area Manager

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