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16.1 Task

  • 16.1.1 Does the task involve –Manual Handling – Hazardous Material – Extreme Temperatures – Moving Machinery – Handtools – Cutting Tools?

  • 16.1.2 Does a hazard exist where your hands can be – Caught between – Come into contact with – Struck by – Splashed with – Cut by - Are there any potential pinch / nip points?

  • 16.1.3 Do the task participants know where the hand hazards and the potential injury consequence are for this task?

  • 16.1.4 If Yes to the above are the correct precautions in place to mitigate hand injuries?

  • 16.1.5 If No to the above – STOP the job and make the task participants aware of the hazards – restart once you are satisfied that the hazards are understood?

  • 16.1.6 Has a Job Safety Analysis / Risk assessment been completed for the task – does it highlight potential hand injuries?

16.2 Personal Items

  • 16.2.1 Is jewellery / bracelets being worn

  • 16.2.2 If yes to the above were personnel made aware that jewellery – especially rings are not to be worn offshore

  • 16.2.3 Is there any loose fitting clothing that can be caught in rotating or moving parts

16.3 Handtools

  • 16.3.1 Are they correct for the task

  • 16.3.2 Are they in good condition – have you inspected them.

  • 16.3.3 Does the tool kit contain any self made hand tools

  • 16.3.4 If yes to above – has it been designed for the task and approved by the SMS and OIS.

  • 16.3.5 Does the tool create a Hands and Arm Vibration Syndrome issue

16.4 PPE

  • 16.4.1 Is the correct hand protection being worn

  • 16.4.2 Are the gloves in good condition

  • 16.4.3 Do the gloves fit properly – too big too small

  • 16.4.4 For this particular task could the type of glove being used create a hazard rather than protection

  • 16.4.5 Did the person consider the application of barrier cream

  • 16.4.6 Hazcom - If applicable – does the hand protection comply with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS_ and has it been reviewed and understood

  • 16.4.7 Have you verified the it is the correct protection for the task and that you are adequately protected against the hazards associated with the task

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