Client information

Company details.

  • Company name.

  • Company address including postcode.

  • Contact name and job title.

  • Contact email address.

  • Contact phone number/s.

  • H&S contact and phone number at company if different to general contact.

  • Date/time of visit.

  • Enter liability insurance finish date.

Student information

Details of the apprentices at the company.

  • Are there apprentices currently in place?

  • Complete the Apprentices details.
  • Apprentice name.

  • Course name.

  • Course finish date.

Documentation and procedures

1. Documentation and procedures.

  • 1.1 Are there 5 or more employees in the company?

  • 1.2 Does the company have written records of the H&S policy and risk management documents? I.e. Risk assessments, other policies, toolbox talks, training etc.

  • Which documents require creation?

  • When are these expected to be completed?

  • 1.3 Is there a Health and Safety Law poster clearly displayed or are pocket cards supplied to staff?

  • 1.4 Does the company have access to a H&S Competent person, either external or internal?

  • Name of competent person:

Safety and risk management

2 Safety and risk management.

  • Principle legislation: The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the Manual Handling Operations 1992 and the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

  • 2.1 Is there suitable and sufficient safety signage in place?

  • List examples of missing signage.

  • 2.2 Have risk assessments been completed to identify and reduce significant health and safety risks?

  • Please enter the likely date for completion of the assessments.

  • 2.3 Do the risk assessments include those specific risk groups, disabled, pregnant etc.

  • When will the outstanding assessments be completed and implemented?

  • 2.4 Do the risk assessments take into account the extra risks related to young workers?

  • When will the assessments be updated?

  • Under what circumstances are risk assessments reviewed?

  • 2.5 Is there a current valid fire risk assessment in place for the premises?

  • When will a fire risk assessment be completed?

  • 2.6 What means is used to raise the alarm in the event of fire or emergency?

  • 2.7 Is there a fire detection system in place?

  • Is there fire-fighting equipment in place?

  • What is the service date on the equipment?

  • 2.8 Are emergency escape routes and exits clear?

  • If issues identified please list.

  • Route or exit
  • Issue identified.

  • Area or exit.

  • 2.9 How many evacuation drills are carried out per annum?

  • When will a drill be carried out?

  • 2.10 Is a fire log book maintained and available for the emergency services?

  • Where is the log kept?

  • When will a fire log book be in Place?

  • 2.11 Is there a member of staff with responsibility for taking control in the event of a serious accident or other emergency?

  • Please supply the name or job title of the person responsible.

  • When will you be appointing one?

  • 2.12 How is the H&S of the student/s maintained if they are working at a satellite site?

  • 2.13 Has the company been subject to enforcement actions in the last 2 years?

  • If enforcement has been applied what notices have been applied.

  • Notices
  • Type of notice:

  • Date notice issued:

  • Date notice revoked:

  • Reasons for notice:

Supervision and training

3 Supervision and training.

  • 3.1 How is the risk management information supplied to the staff?

  • 3.2 Is there a competent supervision allocated to the student/s?

  • Explain requirement for specific competent supervision.

  • Name of competent supervisor.

  • 3.3 Will the competent supervisor ensure that the student correctly uses any PPE/C that is issued for the student's safety?

  • 3.4 Is recorded training provided relating to any PPE/C provided to the student?

  • Why is no training provided?

Machinery and equipment

4 Machinery and equipment.

  • 4.1Does the student use machinery?

  • What types of machinery do they use?

  • 4.2 Has the student received suitable training before using the machinery?

  • 4.3 Is regular maintenance and repair completed on the machinery?

  • Who carries out maintenance and inspection on the machinery?

  • 4.4 Is there a current valid fixed electrical installation certificate?

  • When will this be completed?

  • 4.5 Is portable appliance testing carried out?

  • Is this completed by an external contractor or an employee.

  • When will portable appliance testing be implemented?

  • 4.6 Does the company provide required PPE/C to the student as required?

  • 4.7 Is there suitable storage provided for any PPE/C provided?

  • What storage is available for The student's PPE?

  • 4.8 Does the company replace PPE/C FOC if required due to wear and tear?

Communication and consultation.

5 Communication and consultation.

  • 5.1 How are accident/incident and first aid arrangements made known to employees?

  • 5.2 Are you aware of the requirement to report student accidents to the college?

  • Explain requirement to client.

  • 5.3 Does the client understand the RIDDOR reporting requirements?

  • Explained reporting requirements to client.


6 Welfare

  • 6.1 Is the working site clean, tidy and well maintained?

  • Please supply general details of the situations that are a cause of concern.

  • 6.2 Is the working environment, light, heat, noise etc., compliant with the regulations?

  • Please identify any items of concern.

  • 6.3 Are there suitable welfare facilities, fresh water, toilets and somewhere to eat away from the work?

  • Please identify any areas of concern.


7 Safeguarding.

  • 7.1 Has a first aid assessment been completed for the company?

  • When will this be completed?

  • 7.2 Are there trained first aiders and first aid equipment in place where the young person works?

  • 7.3 Is the client aware of the safeguarding/child protection requirements for under 18's and vulnerable adults?

Insurance details

8 Insurance details if needed.

  • 8.1 Has a copy of the certificate been taken?

  • Has a copy been forwarded to the college?

  • Please explain why no record has been obtained.

  • Insurer's name and address.

Further actions required

9 Further actions required.

  • List of further actions agreed with persons responsible.

Sign off and review period

10 Sign off and review period.

  • Review outcome.

  • Placement/employer declaration.
    To the best of my knowledge the statements and information within this review are correct and give a true reflection of the H&S arrangements in place.
    I agree to complete the action/improvements detailed I the section "Further actions required".

  • Placement signature.

  • For Stephenson College.
    I am satisfied that to the best of my knowledge and provided that the actions agreed by the placement/employer, detailed in the section titled "Further actions required", are completed then this is a safe learning environment for my client.

  • Stephenson College:

  • What risk level remains related to the student?

  • Review is passed.

  • Review is passed but some items of concern remain.

  • Review has failed escalation process needs to be invoked.

Any other comments

11 Any other comments.

  • Please enter any other comments not recorded elsewhere.

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