Pre-Trip Operations

  • Fit for Duty

  • Performs Complete Pre/Post Inspections

  • Adjusts Seat and Mirrors

  • Wears Safety Belt

Starting, Stopping and Parking

  • Smooth/ No jerking

  • Covers Brake When Appropriate

  • Uses 3 point contact to enter and exit the vehicle

  • Parks in a location to avoid backing

  • Uses 5 step parking plan

  • Leaves space in front when stopping/ parking behind other vehicles

Cushion of Safety

  • Uses minimum 6 seconds following distance

  • Is aware of surroundings

  • Avoids driving in others blind spots

  • Is aware of own blind spots

  • Compensates for tailgaters

Speed Management

  • Reduce speed to 1/2 of posted limit on ramps and curves

  • Adjusts speed based on surroundings and conditions


  • Scans ahead 12-14 seconds and looks for hazards

  • Uses mirrors to scan sides of vehicle

  • Spots potential hazards in time to take appropriate actions

  • Leans in seat to improve sight angle

Lane Managment

  • Selects proper lane on city streets and expressways

  • Checks blind spots

  • Uses directional signals appropriately

  • Keeps wheels straight on left turns

Traffic Laws

  • Obeys all traffic laws


  • Instructor Signature

  • Driver Signature

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