Business Unit


Work Group

Number of Employees

Work Being Performed

General Inspection

1. Where is the safe room in this facility?

Provide any of the rooms that are the safe rooms or shelter in place that should be designated on the maps in the building (usually indicated by different color)
Reference: 9.23,9.24 Office Safety Manual

2. Where is the assembly point outside this facility after an emergency evacuation?

Ensure employees know where they are to meet once they get outside in the event of an evacuation emergency
Reference: 9.17 Office Safety Manual

3. Who is responsible for the accounting for all employees after an emergency?

Provide the designated employee that is responsible for accounting for all employees from the building. This usually is the manager but could be someone appointed by the manager.

4. How will you be notified in case of an emergency?

Provide ways that the evacuation and/or the shelter in place alarms are sounded and if they are distinguishable from each other so that the employees know which is which
• Must know difference in the two alarms.
• Drills should be once each year
• Does horn(s) work
Reference: 9.27 Office Safety Manual

5. Name at least 2 employees at this facility who are certified in first aid

Should at least know where the list of certified First Aid/CPR trained personnel is located
Reference: 9.21 Office Safety Manual

6. Are the aisles clear of obstructions?

There are always clear precise means of egress out of all walkways or hallways with no clutter or anything blocking, even partially, its ability to have employees walk without restrictions.
Reference: 3.0, 5.0, 5.15-5.18 Office Safety Manual

7. What is the purpose of the MSDS book? (to get a yes the employee must know the book identifies chemicals and what to do in case of chemical exposure)

Updated chemical inventory . To get a yes the employee must know the book identifies chemicals and what to do in case of chemical exposure.
Reference: 11.8 Office Safety Manual

8. Name at least one item in the MSDS book and what information it provides.

Use of the book in event that someone gets exposed to one of the chemicals and is able to tell you where treatment information is so they can use it for the exposed employee. This should be trained annually through the safety plus program
Reference: 11.8 Office Safety Manual

9. Who is the safety champion at this facility?

Provide the name of the person who is the current safety chairperson for their location and brief explanation as to what that person does for the facility as chairperson.

10. Where is the OSHA poster located and what information does it provide?

Demonstrate the location of the OSHA Poster and what pertinent info may be contained within it. This includes updated OSHA 300 log. Make sure it’s up to date.
Reference: 12.2 Office Safety Manual

11. Do you regularly attend monthly safety meetings?

Attendance of monthly safety meetings is the expectation of all employees within the T&D organization. Considerations may be taken where the employee has vacations or holidays
Reference: 12.0 Office Safety Manual

12. Do you get any value out of the monthly safety meetings?

Providing value gained by their attendance and also their participation in safety meetings will result in this question getting a yes.

13. What do you do to encourage your coworkers to be safe?

Providing any valid safety related reasoning would be a yes for this question. Write in comment section if they mention human performance comments.

14. Are you responsible for your personal safety?

Explain how and why they are responsible for their own safety and also ask them for examples to how they have been responsible for their safety in past. Human performance tools should be mentioned in comments section.


Additional Comments

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.