A welcoming place

A welcoming place

A welcoming place

Is the site welcoming score
Welcoming place photos

Comments on welcoming place

Good and safe access

What is the access in and around the site like?
Is there public transport to the site?
Is there parking nearby?
Is there a pedestrian crossing nearby?

Good and safe access score
Safe access photos

Comments on access


What signage is there?
Is it easy to follow?
Is it signed from nearby roads?

Clear informative signage score
Signage photos

Comments on signage

Accessibility for all

Is the site accessible for all members of the community?

Accessibility for all score
Accessibility photos

Comments on accessibility for all

Health and safety

Healthy safe and secure

Safe equipment and facilities

Safe equipment and facilities score
Safe equipment and facilities photos

Comments on safe equipment

Personal security

Personal security in the park score
Personal security photos

Comments on personal security

Dog fouling

Are there dog bins on site?
Is there evidence of dog fouling on site?
Are there any warning signs about fines for fouling?

Dog fouling score
Dog fouling photos

Comments on dog fouling

Provision of facilities

Are the facilities appropriate for the size and type of site?
Will the site be attractive for all ages?

Appropriate provision of facilities for the public score
Provision of appropriate facilities photos

Comments on appropriate facilities


What is the overall state of maintenance?

Quality of facilities score
Quality of facilities photos

Comments on quality of facilities

Clean and well maintained

Clean and well maintained

Litter and cleanliness

Is there much evidence of litter on site?
Are there adequate litter bins?

Litter and waste management score
Litter and waste management photos

Comments on litter

Grounds maintenance and horticulture

Is the site generally well maintained?
Is it executed to a high standard with tidy grass, flower beds and other areas?

Grounds maintenance and horticulture score
Grounds maintenance photos

Comments on grounds maintenance

Building and infrastructure maintenance

Is the maintenance to a reasonable standard?
Is there a graffiti or vandalism problem?

Building and infrastructure maintenance score
Building maintenance photos

Comments on building maintenance

Equipment maintenance

Is there grounds maintenance equipment on site ?

Does maintenance appear to take place?
Are repairs needed

Equipment maintenance score
Equipment maintenance photos

Comments on equipment maintenance



Is environmental sustainability and use of resources appropriate for this site?

Environmental sustainability energy and natural resources score
Environmental sustainability photos

Comments on environmental sustainability

Is there evidence of pesticide use on site?

Pesticides score
Pesticides photos

Comments on pesticide use

Is there evidence of peat use on site?

Peat use score
Add media

Green waste and recyclingm

Is green waste recycled on site? Eg wood chipped and reused on site?
Are there any recycling facilities or other waste on site?

Waste minimisation score
Waste minimisation photos

Comment son waste minimisation

Tree management

Is there evidence of recent management?
Is there recent planting?

Woodland tree and hedge management score
Tree management photos


Any areas of grass left unmown or with specific mowing regimes to encourage wildflowers and biodiversity?

Biodiversity score
Biodiversity photos

Comments on biodiversity

Conservation and heritage

Conservation and heritage

Conservation of habitats and wildlife

Had the site any valuable habitats and wildlife?
Has the site any designations?
Any evidence of habitat creation eg bat boxes nesting boxes etc?

Conservation of habitats and wildlife score
Conservation of wildlife

Comments on conservation of habitat

Conservation of landscape features

Are there any significant features man made or natural?
Eg ponds streams,lakes, crags hills, cliffs, walls or statues?

Conservation of landscape features score
Conservation of landscape features

Comments on conservation of landscape features

Conservation of buildings and infrastructure

What buildings and infrastructure are there?
Is the site protected and are any of the buildings listed?

Conservation of buildings and infrastructure score
Conservation of buildings and infrastructure

Comments on conservation of buildings and infrastructure

Community involvement

Community involvement

Is interpretation material provided on site?

Is suitable information provided?
Is it up to date?
Is educational material provided on site?
Is interpretation of the features and history of the site provided?

Provision of education and interpretation material score
Interpretation material

Comments on interpretation material

Appropriate provision for the community score
Appropriate provision

Comments on appropriate provision

Evidence of community involvement score
Community involvement

Comments on community involvement



Is marketing being used for this site?

Marketing and promotion score
Marketing and promotion

Comment son marketing

Provision of appropriate information score
Appropriate information

Comment son information provided

Provision of appropriate educational interpretation and educational information score
Appropriate information

Comments on educational and interpretational information

Management plan

Management plan

Is there a management plan for the site?

Implementation of management plan score

Comments on management plan implementation


Total score

Total score of sections used divided by 26 if marketing not used and by 29 if marketing used

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.