Section 1: Employer Information

Section 1: Employer Information

  • Employer:

  • Address:

  • Postcode:

  • ERN:

  • Email:

  • Telephone Number:

  • Contact Name:

  • Number of FT Employees

  • Assessment Type

  • Re-assessment of HASP sign to confirm details are still correct (no further action required) If details have changed new assessment will need to be completed

  • Which Industry is employer working in

  • Has enforcement action been applied to the employer at any time?

Section 2: Basic Health & Safety Requirements

  • Is your liability insurance policy current

  • Please take photograph of insurance document

  • Do you have the HSE health & safety law poster on display, and with accurate information

  • How do you keep up to date with the requirements of health & safety e.g. HSE updates, training events, seminars

  • What health & safety signs are displayed in the workplace

  • Is there a current health & safety policy in place?
    If you have 5 or more employees, you must have a written policy. Examples are available on HSE website

  • If applicable, do you have an up to date E- Safety policy in place?

  • Have risk assessments been conducted to identify significant risks and are risk control measures clearly defined and in place for all activities in the workplace and the use of equipment and machinery?

Section 3 Accident, incidents & first aid

  • All employers must have at least a suitably stocked first aid box, an appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements and information for all employees giving details of first aid arrangements

  • Are arrangements for first aid equipment/facilities available and suitably stocked?

  • How are employees informed of the location of the first aid equipment/facilities?

  • Location of first aid box?

  • Have adequate arrangements for first aiders/appointed person been made?

  • Name of first aider

  • Are accidents and incidents recorded, stored and reported where necssary?

  • Do you know about reportable events under RIDDOR? Are systems in place to monitor and report where necessary

  • Who is the person responsible to report RIDDOR events?

Section 4

Section 4: Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Is PPE provided free of charge to employees as determined through the risk assessment

  • Select PPE to be used

Section 5: Supervision, information, instruction and training

  • Is initial induction and ongoing health & safety information, instruction and training given to all employees?

  • How are new (and where appropriate 16-18 year olds) employees supervised

Section 6: Fire and emergencies

  • Has a fire risk assessment been conducted?

  • Are employees/ learners notified on induction about fire evacuation procedures?

  • Where is the fire assembly point?

  • Is fire & escape route signage evident around the premises?

Section 7: Working Practices

  • What type of activities will the student undertake? Please list

  • Will manual handling be carried out? If yes will training be given?

  • Will chemicals be used? if yes have COSHH assessments been completed?

  • Take photograph of a completed COSHH assessment

  • Will machinery be used? if yes have risk assessments been carried out for machinery?

  • Take photograph of relevant risk assessment


  • Funded organisations must judge the suitability of health and safety in the place where training and learning is conducted. This means carrying out health and safety assessments of employers and the work locations where learners are going to train, learn and work.

    It is the primary responsibility of the employer to ensure the health and safety of employees, and they should be managing any significant risks. This assessment process involves us taking reasonable steps to satisfy ourselves that the employer is doing this - it is not an assurance process

  • Low risk can include an office or shop for example, with everyday risk. Medium risk (e.g. light assembly or packing facilities) with less familiar risks. High risk could include construction, agriculture and manufacturing, with risks likely to be greater than others.

  • Risk level of environment?

  • Assessment Outcome?


  • I confirm that we will: -Not allow students to do work which is prohibited by law or too hazardous for the young and/or inexperienced. - Provide a reasonable level of supervision. - Provide a Health & Safety briefing (induction) - Provide the full range of appropriate Health & Safety protection, including protective clothing and/or equipment -Notify any accidents or health & safety problems immediately to the college

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