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1.0 - Labelling (WHS Regulation 341 -343 & Schedule 9, Part 3)

  • Auditors are to conduct a review of at least 10% of stock holdings to confirm that all chemicals are correctly labeled.

  • 1.1 - Are all chemical containers labeled (and written in English)?

  • 1.2 - Do labels include the name, address and telephone number of either the manufacturer or supplier?

  • 1.3 - Do labels include signal words (such as 'Danger' or 'Warning')?

  • 1.4 - Do labels include hazard statements (such as 'May cause cancer', 'May cause respiratory irritation' or 'flammable liquid' etc)?

  • 1.5 - Do labels include hazard pictograms which provide a pictorial representation of the type of hazard that can be easily recognised at a glance?

  • Comments / Remarks:

2.0 - Safety Data Sheets (WHS Regulation 344)

  • Auditors are to conduct a review of at least 20% of stock holdings to confirm that SDS are held on site and are current.

  • 2.1 - Are manufacturer SDS sheets available for all hazardous materials?

  • 2.2 - Are SDS easily accessible to all staff?

  • Location of SDS:

  • 2.3 - Are all SDS current?

  • 2.4 - If Summary Reports are used, is the location of the manufactures SDS clearly communicated and understood by all workers?

  • List any Substances (including location) for which SDS could not be found:

  • Comments / Remarks:

3.0 - Register (WHS Regulation 346)

  • Linked to the review of SDS, Auditors are to conduct a review of at least 20% of stock holdings to confirm that the register correctly reflects the hazardous chemicals maintained on site.

  • 3.1 - Does the Business Unit / workplace maintain a register of all hazardous chemicals?

  • 3.2 - Do all staff know the location of the register?

  • 3.3 - Does the register include the SDS for each hazardous chemical listed?

  • 3.4 - When was the register last audited / reviewed?

  • Comments / Remarks:

4.0 - Manifest & Placard Requirements (WHS Regulations 347 - 349)

  • 1.4 - Is the supply of chemicals in the department kept at a minimum?

  • 1.8 - Are all vent hoods working?

  • 1.11 - Are containers not stacked more than 2 high in the chemical room?

  • 1.10 - Is the vent not blocked in the chemical room?

  • 1.9 - Are eye wash stations in working order and not blocked?

  • 1.12 - Are chemicals kept neat and orderly in the chemical room?

  • 1.5 - Are chemicals in proper containers for dispensing, storage, or transportation?

  • 1.6 - Are materials for handling chemical spills available?

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