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1. Risk Identification

  • a. Has the risk profile for the area identified any violence and aggression risks?

  • b. Have risk assessments been completed for any significant risks identified?

  • c. Do the staff know about the PMVA policy (ask a sample)?

  • d. Do the staff know where to access the PMVA policy (ask a sample)?

  • e. Is there evidence of effective lone worker risk mitigation?


  • a. Has a training needs analysis (TNA) been completed?

  • b. Has the TNA been reviewed in the past X months?

  • c. How many of the team have complete the MAYBO Conflict Resolution module on Virtual College?

  • d. How many of the team have complete the MAYBO Lone Worker module on Virtual College?

  • e. Of the required level identified in the TNA, how many of the team hold in date certification?

3. Incidents and Investigations

  • a. Is there evidence of incidents being reported?

  • b. Have all incidents relating to violence and aggression been investigated?

4. External Areas, Entrances and Exit Routes

  • a. Are entrances and exits well lit?

  • b. Is the car park well lit?

5. Home Visiting

  • a. Is there evidence of risk assessment for specific visits being conducted?

6. Lone Working

  • a. Is their evidence or suspected circumstances where lone working occurs?

  • Is a Lone Worker risk assessment in place?

  • What systems have been put in place for lone working?

  • If lone worker devices are in place as mitigation, evidence of them being used?

  • Has the lone worker training been completed online?

  • If specific training has been identified has this been completed?

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