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1.0 Mindset (ZIP) Checkpoints

  • Are fire exit doors/routes unobstructed?

  • Are personnel using the one way system?

  • Operators are trained to work on the workstation (check training files)<br><br>Choose a training file and ILU against reality on the shop floor.

  • Are location markings respected?

  • Are fire extinguishers unobstructed and unused?

  • Is there a reaction in case of leaks/spills

  • Are personnel working to the SOS

  • Is PPE worn correctly and in good condition?

  • Have operators performed the shifty safety checks?

  • Is waste being deposited in the appropriate containers?

Objectives and department control

2.0 Objectives and Departmental Control checkpoints

  • Shop Safety KTM exists and is in control and displayed?

  • Accident follow up is controlled?

  • Operators are aware of last accident within department?

  • Safety training exists for all team including E-Learning?

  • Safety is a topic in every start of shift brief?

  • Unsafe acts and violations of safety are recorded in fact files?

  • Risk assessments are controlled and reviewed every six months?

  • Operational assignment exists and all risks identified including non standard operations?

  • Company Policy, Vision and standards are displayed?

  • Safe objective is tracked and non conformance is actioned?

Unsafe Acts & Their Control

3.0 Unsafe Acts & Their Control Checklist

  • Specified PPE is identified at the workstation?

  • Fortress systems are identified within the area?

  • Only qualified operators, operate in prohibited and restricted areas. (E.g. Forklift, crane)

  • Forklift drivers operate accordingly and start of shift checks have been carried out?

  • Crane and sling checks are carried out shiftly?

  • All safety guards are operational?

  • Storage racks are identified with SWL and are not damaged?

  • There is no debris on the floor? (E.g. Injection moulding gates, nuts, bolts, oil etc)

  • All moving parts of machines are safeguarded?

  • All portable equipment is managed correctly? (Ladders, platforms)

End of Audit

End of Audit

  • All members of staff who took part in this Audit must print and sign below.

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