Welcome to Multipanel UK Dover Site

  • - ALUPANEL is a decorative Aluminium Composite Panel with 1001 uses
    - ALUPANEL – An internationally recognised product providing pioneering solutions to the Sign, Advertising and Construction Markets
    - Can Be used in the Following applications:
    > Sign Making & Out of Home Media
    > Shop Fitting & Design
    > Manufacture of Point of Sale Displays
    > Exhibition Stand signs
    > Way finding Solutions
    > Partitioning, Wall linings and Suspended Ceilings
    > Industrial Applications

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

  • - We are committed to protecting the heath and safety of All people working at or visiting our site
    - We plan, manage, conduct and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation and best practice
    - We want to ensure that all workers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities along with that of the company

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • Section 2(1) States:
    “It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is “reasonably practicable”, the health, safety and welfare at work, of all his employees”.

Specifically An employer Must: -

  • - Provide a safe place of work, with safe access and egress.
    - Ensure a safe working environment with adequate welfare facilities.
    - Provide safe plant and safe systems of work
    - Ensure safe use, handling, storage and transport of work articles and substances.
    - Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision.

How Do We Ensure These Duties Are Met

  • - We Provide Training.
    - We Have Operating Procedures.
    - We Carry Out General Risk Assessments
    - We Complete a Range of Hazard-Specific Risk Assessments
    - We Maintain Plant and Equipment
    - We Encourage and Enforce The Use of Personal Protective Equipment, Where Its Use is Required

Emergency Evacuation & Fire

  • The Fire Alarm – Continuous Sounder
    Exit Routes – All Exit Routes are Identified
    Assembly Point – Situated in Multipanel Car Park
    Fire Points – Are Clearly Identified
    Fire Prevention - Smoking is not permitted on site with the exception of the designated smoking zones
    - There is strictly no smoking in any building.
    - Keep the site tidy – less material to burn
    - Hot Work Permits


Multipanel Staff

  • Andrew Cock – C.E.O.
    Alexey Shnitikov – Managing Director
    Ruth Taylor - Finance Director
    Robertas Olbergas - Maintenance Manager
    Paul Millward - Distribution Centre Manager
    Vilius Upenieks – Production Manager
    Juras Kraujelis and Leonidas – Shift Leader
    Ben Broderick - Training and Delevolepemnt Officer

    Site Telephone contact details Office 01304 831319
    Joao Rosa 07939051916

Who’s On Site

  • Please Ensure you sign in and out of site – if you do not, we will not know you are here for security and emergency purposes.

Welfare on Site

  • Toilet – Located in Foyer of Office Entrance
    Tea Room - Located in Foyer of Front Office
    First Aid – Located in:
    > First Floor Office
    > Factory Floor outside QC Lab (+ Burns kit)
    > Factory Floor on safety fence by OP3 (+ Burns Kit)

Always clear up your own rubbish

  • A Clean site is a safe site
    All waste should be disposed of in the correct skips
    Under no circumstances shall liquid waste, such as paints or solvents be allowed to soak into the ground or be poured down drains.
    This is “hazardous waste” and should be disposed of in line with current legislation.
    Bonfires shall not be conducted on site.

Standard Site Rules

  • - No Food or Drink to be taken on site
    - Any persons caught in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from site
    - If you are on drugs for any medical reason, please inform your supervisor at once.
    - No Radios or personal mobile phones on site
    - No Horseplay
    - No Smoking on Site – except for designated areas

Personal Protective Equipment

  • - Look after your P.P.E and always wear it when required
    - Please ask your supervisor to supply these items as and when required

Plant and Equipment

  • You are required to work safely and use plant and equipment correctly….they are your responsibility

Working at Height

  • - Use secure platforms with proper edge protection
    - Protect holes, leading edges and fragile materials
    - Consider weather conditions – if applicable
    - If in doubt – speak to your supervisor
    - Only trained operatives are allowed to erect, alter or dismantle scaffolding or mobile towers
    - Where risk assessment requires the use of fall arrest equipment it must be used in accordance with a safe system of work including emergency rescue procedures
    - Use the safest access equipment for the job (not the most convenient)
    - Ladders and Stepladders must be located on a firm level base and only used for short duration light duty

Machine guards

  • Guards are placed on machines for your protection. Do not remove the guards at any time. Guards must be in place before equipment can be switched on. If it is not, no work can commence. DO NOT REMOVE OR TAMPER WITH MACHINERY GUARDS.


DSE Getting it Right

  • 4.jpg

Safety Signs

  • A form of risk control: For low risks, or where risk cannot be controlled by other means.


Manual Handling

  • - Do Not attempt to carry or lift anything that is too big or too heavy
    - Inform your supervisor and ask for assistance


Plant Operation

  • - Only trained and authorised personnel can operate plant e.g. Forklift trucks, Crane.
    - All certificates and competences will be recorded for the site records


Training Certificates & Records

  • - All certificates and competences will be recorded for the site records. No one will be allow on site with out the required training certification
    - Only Trained and Competent Person(s) to use plant equipment, and machinery

Vehicles on Site

  • - Only use identified walkways
    - Be aware of plant operating near you
    - Parking is only allowed in designated areas


  • - Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and Vibration White Finger (VWF) are very debilitating
    - You need to protect yourself from excessive usage of vibrating tools such as breakers and drills
    - Controls on usage will be checked on all equipment

Accident Reporting

  • Please report any on-site accidents or dangerous occurrence to your supervisor or first aider. It is for your benefit as well as others.
    Any accident you will need to make an entry in the accident book.
    If you require time off work due to any injury, you must inform your site supervisor.

Induction assessment

  • Does Multipanel UK Ltd have a Workplace Health and Safety policy?

  • Does MultipanelUK manufacture plasterboard panels?

  • Should I phone my supervisor if I am late or not coming to work?

  • Am I allowed to have my mobile phone switched on during work periods?

  • When moving heavy awkward items should I seek assistance from my work mate ?

  • Are workers required by law to report workplace hazards to their Supervisor?

  • Can I smoke in any place outside the building?

  • Do I have to sign in and out every time I start and finish work?

  • Can I have my meals in the production line?

  • If I see rubbish on the floor, that isn't in my working area, should I tell my supervisor before disposing in the correct bin?

  • Can I remove a machine guard if in my opinion is pointless?

  • Throwing objects is a kind of manual handling?

  • Can comments or gestures regarding race, religion or age be seen as harassment?

  • What colour is the sign for mandatory information?

  • If I identify a concern/opportunity of improvement that will not re queried an immediately action should I use:

  • what kind of accident I have to report:

Induction sign off

  • I acknowledge that I have received a full induction prior to my com­mencement at Multipanel UK Ltd including a site tour and HS briefing. During my employment at Multipanel UK Ltd I will endeavour to comply with company rules, HS regulations as well as training guidelines. I understand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary action including possible dismissal.
    Workers are Responsible for:
    • Ensuring they comply with the workplace health and safety and injury management policies and all company safe work practices.
    • Ensuring the safety of themselves and others in the workplace.
    • Immediately reporting any unsafe condition, injury, illness or near miss to their supervisor.
    • Ensuring they are able to competently and safely perform any work they undertake.

    I have read, understood and accept the above Health and Safety responsibilities as an Employee with Multipanel Uk Ltd.

  • Please sign and enter your full name (inductee)

  • Please sign and enter your full name (witness/inductor)

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