• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Are there any outstanding items from the last audit?

Walk around inspection

  • Is waste contained in a safe manner?

  • Is the general waste bin free from materials that could have been recycled?

  • Are there adequate separate storage facilities for the different wastes ie: rack sacks and separate bins?

  • Is the compactor area clean, tidy and no spills or leaks evident?

  • Are spill kits adequately placed in locations externally where they would be effective?

  • Effluent plant

  • Canopy area

  • Outside glass room

  • Goods in yard

  • Battery charge area

  • Car park storage area

Energy conservation

  • Have lights been switched off in the area if its not in use?


4.4.2 competence, training and awareness

  • Have training needs been reviewed in the last 12 months.<br>.

  • Select date

  • Are all persons who could impact on significant environmental aspects suitably trained or instructed? Describe the training below<br>

  • Is environmental awareness included in induction training , check random files.

  • Is there evidence of training for specific defined tasks with environmental impact potential? describe tasks below.

  • 4.4.3 Communication

  • Is environmental information adequately communicated via the following and are they up to date?

  • Current environmental policy

  • team brief monthly

  • EMS Notice boards utility consumption and waste information

  • KPI Data as part of incentive plan

  • Is environmental data communicated externally ?<br>

  • 4.4.4/4.4.5 Documentation and Control

  • Are up to date documents available in the EMS Files and in the case of operational procedures on the Intranet and in the Production Office?

  • Do documents have the following present?

  • Title

  • Reference number

  • Sign off

  • Version number

  • Are records present to indicate that the document control procedure is working effectively?

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