3.02 Emergency Evacuation

  • Check fire extinguishers against the list below and confirm they are in place, filled and tagged

  • Reception 1 and 2

  • Kitchen numbers 3,4 and 5 (wet chemical)

  • Toilet corridor 6 and 7

  • Courtyard 8,9,10,11,12,13,14

  • Label room 15 and 16

  • Engineering 17, 18,19 and 20

  • Pasteuriser 21 and 22

  • Line 1 23 to 30

  • Staircase well 31 to 32

  • Vaults spirit vinegar area 33, 34, 35

  • Vaults 36,37,42,43,44,45,46,47

  • Compressor room 39

  • Vaults wood working 40 and 41

  • Vaults Depal 48 and 49

  • External 38 under ramp and 50 and 51 near boiler house

  • Warehouse 52 to 56

  • Make house 57 to 64

  • First floor training room, meeting room, F3, and corridors 65 to 71

  • First floor 72 to 78 store room and gate landing

  • Line 2 79 to 83

  • Second floor top of stairs 84 and 85

  • Second floor corridor and kitchen 86 and 87

  • Main office and lift room 88,89 and 90

  • Process plant storage 91 to 97

  • Process plant 98 to 100

  • QA lab 101 to 104

  • Roof lift room 105

  • LPG and security hut 106 and 107

  • Enter details of any failures below

3.05 R AND PPE

  • Is toe protection footwear being worn in non office areas?

  • PPE storage is suitable, clean and accessible

  • Ear protection is available on line 1, process, and Depal?

  • Gloves are available for handling glass breakages on line 1 and are used?

3.06 Confined spaces

  • Reciprocating saw available of emergency access into fibreglass tanks?

3.08 Moving machinery

  • Fixed guards are in place to machinery and securely attached?

  • Interlock switches are in place and working, do a random test. They must not have been tampered with

3.11 Powered Vehicles

  • Have the pre shift driver checks been completed?

  • Are trucks not in use parked safely?

3.16 Compressed gases cylinders

  • Cylinders are adequately secured on the trolley and are free from damage

3.19 lighting

  • Is lighting in the area being inspected adequate and sufficient?

  • Are there any lights that are faulty and in need of replacement?

3.20 legionella

  • Run safety showers for 5 minutes in heat exchanger area and at caustic filling point

3.29 engineering workshop

  • Check bench grinder abrasive wheel guards are in place, 2mm gap between wheel and work plate

  • Welding equipment is secure, safe, extinguisher available, no ptfe tape used, flash back arresters in place

3.32 Walking and working surfaces

  • Walkways were found to be clear and unobstructed

  • Working surfaces are in a good condition and slip resistant and without significant trip hazards

3.38 First aid

  • Check the following first aid stations and eye wash bottle points are adequately stocked and the suppliers are clean and still in date

  • Engineering

  • Makehouse

  • Line 2

  • Vaults

  • Ground floor line 1

  • Process plant

Action required

  • Risk rate any action identified for priority using the standard 3 x 3 risk assessment score of frequency x severity

  • Rating of action identified

  • Rating of action identified

  • Rating of action identified

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