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Walk around inspection

  • Are measures evident to ensure waste is separated and recycling is optimised?

  • Is the general waste bin free from materials that could have been recycled?

  • Are there adequate separate storage facilities for the different wastes eg: paper, plastics, tin cans etc?

Energy conservation

  • Have lights been switched off in the area if its not in use?

  • Is there written evidence that the extraction system is cleaned and maintained?


  • Does ISS provide awareness training in environmental practices and energy efficiency?

  • Do ISS canteen staff know how to report an environmental incident?

4.5.5 Audits

  • Is there a programme in place and procedure for conducting periodic environmental audits?<br>

  • Are audits being carried out to the prescribed frequency?

  • Have auditors had the required level of training to be effective?

  • Are audit non conformances effectively communicated?

4.6 Management review

  • Is the EMS reviewed at least annually?<br>

  • Is there documented evidence of the last review

  • Are all the requirements of 4.6a-h covered in the review?

  • Are the required out puts of the review recorded?

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