Crystal Report Quiz-1

  • In which of these report sections would you find a Grand Total summary field?

  • A-Report Footer

  • If my report's details are currently in no particular order, and I want them in ascending order
    using a date field, which of these will work?

  • B-) The Select Expert

  • What is the name of the feature that changes your report to include only the top 5 groups?

  • A-Group Expert

  • I want to know how many different customers made a purchase in the past month. What
    summary function would I use:

  • C-Mode

  • If I want each customer to have both a subtotal and a page break, I would need to have one of
    these in my report:

  • C-Group

  • Which item in the Database menu allows you to check/change the links between tables in the

  • B) Verify Database

  • You link the customers table to the orders table, which is a one-to-many relationship (one
    customer to many orders). You insert two grand totals. One totals a field from the Orders table
    and the other totals a field from the Customers table. Which grand total will be inflated?

  • C-Both

  • When you write a formula to combine or "concatenate" two text fields or text strings, which
    of these symbols do you put between them?

  • +

  • Which of these formula lines is correctly commented so it will be ignored when the report is
    run? (The formula is using Crystal syntax.)

  • // this is a comment

  • Crystal Reports is part of the .net environment

  • True

  • Which version of Crystal Reports is officially compatible with XP?

  • version 8.5

  • What is the file type associated with a Crystal Report?

  • .rpt

  • Which example will tell me the position of the first letter "X" in the field?

  • {Customer.Name} like "*X*"

  • Which example will change a date value into a text value?

  • ToString ({Sales.Date})

  • Which Crystal function can help you print [Continued] at the top of a page when a group
    grows beyond one page?

  • CanGrow

  • You are in the Section Expert and within the "suppress" property condition formula. Which
    formula will suppress rows with an amount less than $50?

  • If {Sales.Amount}< 50 then Suppress

  • Which pair of sections is most likely to contain an unlinked subreport:

  • Report Header or Report Footer

  • By definition, a linked subreport will always have to contain:

  • A formula

  • If you were creating a running total formula using variables, what would this formula start

  • OnFirstRecord

  • If all of the following are placed in the group footer, which will most likely slow down the
    report the most:

  • Linked Subreport

  • ) I use the Group Sort Expert to select the Top 10 customers and don't check "include others".
    What is the easiest way to get an accurate grand total of the Top 10:

  • Formulas

  • Which variable "scope" allows me to share a value from a subreport to the main report?

  • Local

  • You have a subreport placed in a section. That section has the 'Hide' property checked. Will
    that subreport run in the background?

  • YES

  • You have a formula placed in a section and that section needs to be either "Hidden" or
    "Suppressed". Will the formula work the same in this section as it would in a visible section?

  • Yes for both Hidden and Suppressed

  • If you open a report, and it opens in preview immediately, before you do anything, what does
    that mean?

  • The report has up to the minute data from the database.

  • If you can calculate the same value in a Crystal SQL Expression field as you can from a
    Crystal formula field, which is usually the most efficient?

  • Crystal Formula

  • ) You insert Sales.rpt as a subreport into a container called Monthly.rpt. You need to give
    Monthly.rpt to a user on another workstation. How many files do you need to move to that

  • One file (Monthly.rpt)

  • Can I use "Insert Summary" to create a grand total of this formula?
    Average ({Sales.Amount} , {Customer.Name}) * .15

  • No because it is a formula

  • You created a report that doesn't use any linked tables. Instead it is based on a single SQL
    query that was written within Crystal and is maintained within the Crystal. What are you using?

  • A View

  • I want to calculate how many days have passed since July 4, 2008. Which of these will give
    me the correct answer?

  • CurrentDate - @07/04/2008@

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