First impressions and reception service.

Was the reception area clean and clutter free and a team member present to welcome you? No items for re-sale to be on the counter.

When entering the club, was the greeting a friendly one that motivated you to go and work-out?

Was the receptionist wearing the correct dress code with name tag visible? Please refer to the corporate dress code that has been provided.

During your visits in the month did a receptionist ever use your name during a conversation or when they greeted you or said goodbye?

Could the receptionist answer your enquiry on one or more of the clubs services or products in a friendly way that was helpful? Please ensure you ask a question during your visit.

When leaving the club did the receptionist make eye contact, say goodbye or acknowledge you in a friendly manner so that you were motivated to return?

Did you receive 2 towels upon entry to the club? These should be handed to you personally and with a friendly manner and not left on the counter for you to take.

Changing Areas and Toilets

Were the locker rooms clean to your expectations and well presented to the expectations of a premium club?

Between arrival and departure of the changing rooms, was the free of any unused towels not in use?

All lockers to have enough hangers present? (Please check a minimum of 20 at random) expectation is 2 per locker. Please mark as a NO if you find any lockers with no hangers.

Did the locker rooms make a good impression on you and were most of the locker doors closed during your visit? No more than 5 that are not in use can be left open at any time.

Toilets were clean with a fresh smell evident in the area that met the premium expectation?

Was there consumables available at all times during your visit. For example toilet roll, hand soap, body lotion etc?

All hairdryers were working and suitable for purpose and there are no spaces available where hairdryers should be located?

Please check that the cleaning quality control checklists in the toilets are up to date and checked and the standards match the signatures.

Fitness area

Please check cleanliness of equipment for dust or sweat and check underneath machines (without being detected) were these acceptably clean?

Was the fitness area clean and tidy with all equipment not in use that could cause a trip hazard cared for by a member of the team?

Did any member of the club team approach you in a friendly manner, acknowledge you, smile and say hello during your stay in the fitness area?

Only the signage below is to be used at all times.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 16.47.32.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 16.47.09.png

Was all the equipment in good working order? If not was it marked in the correct way with the standard signage? Please mark as NO if machines were out of order

Could a member of the fitness team answer your question on one or more of the club services or products in a friendly way that was helpful to your enquiry? Please ensure you ask a question during your stay.

Did the Holmes Place Xpress or Gym class start as scheduled on the timetable? Please mark as NO if the bell wasn’t rung before the class started.
You must tell us which Holmes Place Xpress or Gym class you took part in and at what day and time you took part.

Based on your experience of the Holmes Place Xpress or Gym class today, did you leave feeling motivated and looking forward to returning soon?

Group exercise experience

One Group Exercise Class minimum to be attended monthly. Which class did you attend? Day and time must be recorded. Xpress Class doesn't count here.

Did the instructor ask if anyone was new to the class?

In your opinion do you think that an instructor using a microphone to teach enhances the member experience? Please add comments on the experience today.

Was the instructor a good role model and did they engage with the group in a friendly and helpful manner before or after the class. Did you find the instructor motivational?

Was the studio tidy and all equipment in good condition?.Did you feel the environment was right for the class?

Was the studio clean during your visit and ready for the class? Floors and mirrors to be checked

Were the mats in the group fitness studios in good condition and not damaged or smelling unpleasant?Please ensure you check this on the visit.

Based on your experience of the Group Exercise class today did you find this motivational and were you looking forward to returning again soon to this class?

Shower and wellness areas

Were all the showers working and both the water temperature correct and the length of the shower running time consistent in the showers you checked? Any showers out of order must be marked accordingly.

Was there shower gel and shampoo available in all showers during your visit?

Did the shower area smell fresh, clean and one that you would associate with a premium health club?

Were all the saunas on and working and did they have a thermometer inside? if there is no thermometer or sand timer mark as NO

Was the dampfbad on during your visit and did it have a smell of fresh essence?

Was there a fresh smell in the saunas at all times?

Swimming pool, spa and wet areas

Was the pool with crystal clear water? Can you see the bottom of the pool easily.

Were the lights inside the swimming pool on and all working?

Was the Jacuzzi or Whirlpool on during your visit? Please mark as N/A if the club doesn't have one.

Was the pool area clean and smelling fresh at all times that was good enough to represent a premium operator?

Is there evidence of the pool area and walkways reducing their risk of slips, trips and falls. For example safety flooring, signage to wear flip flops or yellow hazard signs?

Are all of the wellness area facilities fully operational? For example ice machines, drench showers, Head phones, loungers etc and if appropriate marked out of order in the correct manner with the brand standard signage?


During your visit did you see Holmes Place employees engaging with members in a friendly manner other than the fitness team and reception team?

During your visit did all team members you see have the correct levels of dress code on with name tags?

Did you notice anything that wasn't asked on the audit you feel needs attention?
Please mark this as N/A and use for notes only

Please see image below of the signage you are looking for.



Could you see signage in the club identifying the Responsible Person on Duty and First Aider?
Please ensure that you record the names on display, and the time, date, and day you visited.

Was the WIFI available in the club during your visit?

FHM section

Did you find the receptionist team friendly during your visit?

Whenever you passed one of the team did they greet you in a friendly manner?

During your visit did any of the team say to you see you tomorrow or ask when they will see you next?

Based on your experience today how motivated did the club team make you feel to return and work out soon?

Please name anyone you feel needs praise for providing an exceptional level of service during your visit today.
If you feel no one deserves the credit please mark as NO and add a note to say that exceptional service wasn’t provided on this occasion.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.