Title Page

  • Local Registration #

  • LHU Registration #

  • Business Name

  • Business Address
  • Business #

  • Email for NOV

  • Municipality

  • Inspection Date

  • Inspector

Hood Suppression

  • Hood Suppression

  • Call Fire Marshal Immediately

  • Last Inspection Date

  • Fire Protection Contractor Name

  • Fire Protection Contractor Phone #

  • Hood Suppression Report

  • Hood Suppression Coverage Correct?

  • Which Appliance Does Not Have Proper Coverage

Hood Exhaust System

  • Hood Exhaust Condition

  • Call Fire Marshal Immediately

  • Hood Cleaning Sticker Present?

  • Last Cleaning Date

  • Hood Cleaning Records

  • Hood Cleaning Company

  • Hood Cleaning Company Phone #

  • Hood Filter Condition

  • Current Hood Filter Cleaning Frequency

  • Does Hood Filter Cleaning Frequency Need to be Changed

  • How Often Do the Filters have to be Cleaned

  • Who Cleans Hood Filters

  • Hood Filter Cleaning Company Info

  • Hood Exhaust Vent Exterior

  • Is Hood Cleaning Schedule Satisfactory?

  • New Cleaning Frequency

Cooking Appliances

  • Condition of Cooking Appliances

  • Which Appliances Require Cleaning

  • Cooking Appliance Working Order

  • Which Appliances are not Working

Inspectors Notes

  • Inspectors Notes & Comments

  • Inspector Signature

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