• Section 1: Employer details

  • Employer registered name of employer

  • ERN number - if known

  • Number Employees – Full time

  • Business size

  • Head office address

  • Postcode

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Section 2: Health & Safety assessment
    The Education & Skills Funding Agency requires that all the training and learning it funds takes place in a safe, healthy and supportive environment, regardless of where it is delivered. Funded organisations must judge the suitability of health and safety in the place where training and learning is conducted. This means carrying out health and safety assessments of employers and the work locations where learners are going to train, learn and work.
    The Agency contract requires the assessment of health and safety for learners to be undertaken using a proportionate approach (depending on the level of risk, type of learning, and the kind of learner) and to use an informed judgement on what is reasonable. This is to avoid funded organisations having to duplicate assessments if some existing information can be used. An actual visit to a premise is not always needed since it will depend on what must be considered for that particular assessment and how detailed the assessment needs to be for the kind of learning taking place.
    It is the primary responsibility of the employer to ensure the health and safety of all employees (including apprentices), and/or any students undertaking work experience placements; and that they should be managing any significant risks. This assessment process involves us taking reasonable steps to satisfy ourselves that the employer is doing this – it is not an assurance process.
    This form contains information that needs to be completed with the employer or work placement provider.

  • 1. Is this an Initial Assessment or Review?

  • 2. Risk level of environment?
    See guidance table

  • 3. General nature of work or business carried out in that environment?

  • 4. Specific work and activities being carried out

  • 5. Has the employer been subject to any enforcement action (i.e. prohibition or improvement notice), and/or prosecution (including pending) for breach of health and safety legislation?

  • If Yes, provide details

  • Safeguarding, PREVENT, British Values and Health & SafetyConfirm that the employer has received the guidance documents in relation to Safeguarding, PREVENT, British Values and Health & Safety; and that they understand their responsibilities.

  • 6. Guidance regarding Safeguarding, PREVENT, British Values and Health & Safety have been received by the employer or Work Placement Provider and it is confirmed that they understand their responsibilities and the reporting procedures, including access to the relevant contact details to report any concerns

  • Insurance - Employer Liability

  • 8. Does the employer have valid Employer liability insurance in place and displayed or available?

  • 9. Who is the insurer?

  • 10. Level of Cover

  • 11. Policy number

  • 12. Expiry date

  • Insurance - Public Liability

  • 13. Does the employer have valid Public liability insurance in place?

  • 14. Who is the insurer?

  • 15. Level of Cover

  • 16. Policy number

  • 17. Expiry date

  • Insurance – Transport – Work placement students

  • 18. It is acknowledged by the Work Placement Provider where a work placement student travels as a passenger in a company vehicle that there will appropriate insurance in place.

  • Insurance – Work placement students

  • 19. Does the Work Placement Provider’s General Insurance and/or Public Liability Insurance extend to cover work placement students?

  • General Health & Safety

  • 20. Does the employer:
    Have the latest HSE health & safety law poster on display, and marked up with accurate information?
    Or have they,
    Provided all of their staff with their own copy of the information as available from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

  • 21. How does the employer or Work Placement Provider keep up to date with health & safety legislation and Industry best practice?

  • 22. Are the measures recorded at 21 above considered adequate and sufficient for the nature of the business?

  • 23. Is there a Health & Safety policy in place where required? If there are 5 or more employees, there must be a policy in place.

  • 24. If the response was Yes at 23 has the Health & Safety policy been seen?

  • 25. If appropriate to the workplace, is there an Acceptable use Policy for computer use in place?

  • 26. Have risk assessments been conducted to identify significant risks, and are risk control measures clearly defined and in place for all activities in the workplace including the use of equipment and machinery?

  • 27. Do all Employees (including apprentices) and work placement students have access to risk assessments?

  • 28. Is relevant risk assessment information communicated effectively to all those that need to know including Employees (including apprentices) and work placement students?

  • First Aid & Accidents
    All employers must have at least a suitably stocked first-¬aid box, an appointed person to take charge of first-¬aid arrangements and provide information for all employees (including apprentices) giving details of the first-¬aid arrangements.

  • 29. Name of person responsible for First Aid?

  • 30. Are arrangements for first aid considered adequate and acceptable?

  • 31. Are accidents and incidents of work related ill health recorded and investigated where appropriate?

  • 32. Are ‘Near Misses’ recorded and investigated?

  • 33. Does the employer understand their duties under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) and is there a procedure is in place to monitor and report RIDDOR accidents and incidents?

  • Supervision, information, instruction and training

  • 34. Does Induction take place for all new starters? employees (including apprentices) and work placement students

  • 35. Is Induction documented and recorded?

  • 36. Is there ongoing Instruction, Information and Training (including Health & Safety) provided for all employees (including apprentices)

  • 37. How are new (and where appropriate, 16-¬18 year old) employees or Work placement students supervised?

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • 38. Where needed is PPE provided free of charge to all employees (including apprentices) as determined through risk assessments?

  • 39. Where needed will the Work Placement Provider supply PPE free of charge to work placement students as determined through risk assessments?

  • 40. Are adequate measures in place to ensure the appropriate use of PPE?

  • 41. Are procedures for the management of PPE satisfactory?

  • Fire & emergencies

  • 42. Are the premises protected by a fire alarm system?

  • 43. Is there serviceable, adequately maintained fire-fighting equipment available?

  • 44. Are adequate arrangements in place for dealing with fires and other emergencies?

  • 45. Do all employees (including apprentices) and work placement students know what to do in the event of a Fire or emergency?

  • 46. Has a fire risk assessment (FRA) been carried out?

  • If Yes enter the date when the FRA was last reviewed?

  • 47. Are there any outstanding actions from the FRA?

  • Working environment

  • 48. Are adequate welfare facilitates and arrangements provided?
    e.g. toilets, washing facilities, drinking water, rest space, ventilation & temperature control, lighting, workspace & seating, cleaning

  • 49. The training provider needs to be informed of any changes to the working environment or practices – who will do this? Name and position

  • Assessment result

  • 50. Acceptable

  • Where No is selected at question 50 above; Recommendations and/or Action plan should be detailed below specifying what is required to make the workplace acceptable.

  • 51. Are there any Observations? (refer to individual questions)

  • 52. Recommendations or action plan
    Specify recommendations and/or action plan in the sections below ensuring that anticipated and agreed timescales for completion are included.

  • Recommendations and/or Action Plan

  • Details of action or recommendation

  • Timescales

  • Person Responsible

  • Details of action or recommendation

  • Timescales

  • Person Responsible

  • Details of action or recommendation

  • Timescales

  • Person Responsible

  • Details of action or recommendation

  • Timescales

  • Person Responsible

  • Section 3: Signatures

  • Employer or Work Placement Provider
    As fully authorised representative of the Employer or Work Placement Provider, I agree that the statements and responses entered on this assessment form are correct and accepted. I confirm that any recommendations or agreed actions will be dealt with accordingly.
    I further agree that with regards to GDPR:
    1. We confirm that are making every effort to be compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018
    2. We will keep personal details of HoW College students secure and will not share with anyone outside the organisation without the agreement of the college, except in the case of an emergency.
    3. We will only share those details with staff inside the organisation where necessary
    4. We will only retain the student’s personal details for as long as they are needed.

  • Signature of Employer, Work Placement Provider or authorised representative

  • Position

  • Date

  • Training provider
    As fully authorised representative of the Training provider, I agree that the statements and responses entered on this assessment form are correct and are an accurate reflection of the assessment.

  • Signature of authorised representative, on behalf of the Training Provider

  • Position

  • Date

  • Date of Review

  • This should be based on the risk level of the environment as selected and recorded in this form and in conjunction with the Risk Level Table.

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