1.0 Previous Audit.

Has the previous audit been reviewed and is it being used by the team as a working document

Is the last audit visible and are there any outstanding issues

2.0 Club Entrance and Reception.

Is the entrance clear of litter and debris with no cigarette butts present

Is external signage clean and illuminated

Is the reception area clean, tidy and clutter free

All lights working

All POS up to date and presented as per brand standard

Are access barriers working and in use

Is the correct level of music evident and the correct mood being created

Are all the daily open and close checklists completed and up to date

Are team smartly presented with standard name badge evident.

Are members being greeted with a welcoming smile and being engaged

Was the phone answered within 3 rings

Did the receptionist say hello, the name of the club and introduce themselves

Did the reception team respond to email enquiry within 10 minutes of receiving

Are the towels, clean with a soft feel and smell fresh

Did the receptionist have knowledge of all products

3.0 Offices and Back of House.

Are all the store rooms tidy with clear floor and safe storage of chemicals

All offices clean, neat and tidy with a clear desk policy evident

Are towels stored safely and not a fire risk

All pool tests completed and within parameters. Remedial action recorded and actioned where appropriate

All lights working

4.0 Retail, Seated Area and Cafe Area.

Retail area looks well presented and is clean

Fridges are fully stocked, all labels facing forward and all stock displayed neatly with price visible

Furniture in good condition and well presented with clean, clear tables

Magazines and newspapers available

Cafe bar is manned and in line with expectations

Area clean and tidy with clean floors and no dust evident

All lights working

5.0 Male and Female Changing Rooms and Toilets.

All lockers displaying up to date disclaimers

Lockers are clean and door is closed when not in use

Are all lockers available for use. Is there a brand standard sign displayed when out of order

All lockers have 2 hangers present

Locker POS is up to date

No towels or litter are left in the changing rooms

All lights are working

All walls are clean with no marks

All mirrors are smear free and all basins are clean with no surface water present

Floors are clean with no dust visible or dirt in the corners

Bins are no more than half full at any time

All dispensers are in place and product available

All toilets working. Is a brand standard sign displayed when out of order

Toilets smell fresh and stock is available

Toilets seats are present and secure

Any POS displayed in toilets is up to date

No cleaning chemicals are out on display

Sun beds are available and all tubes working

Sun beds are cleaned with cleaning schedule in place

Spray bottles and paper tissue available

Health and Safety guidelines evident and displayed correctly

6.0 Male and Female Showers and Vanity Areas.

All showers are available, fittings presented well and working correctly

All extractor vents are working and free from dust

All dispensers are present and product available

All hairdryers are working and free from dust in the filters. All hand dryers are working

Showers smell clean and fresh with clean clear drains

Showers are free of body fat on walls and floors with ceiling tiles clean

Floors are clean with no damage to tiles

Swimming costume dryers are working, clean and smell fresh

All lights are working

7.0 Wellness Area and Wet Area.

Areas clean and no rubbish or discarded towels evident

All showers working and clean

All walls in good condition with no marks

No surface water present and cleaning products stored away

All sauna benches are in good condition and safe to use

Saunas and steam room on and at the correct temperature

Saunas and steam room smell fresh with essence present

All lights working

All appropriate health and safety signage is in place

Loungers and furniture are all in good condition and clean

Relaxation rooms clean with no discarded towels evident

No scum lines evident in spa pool

Spa pool at the correct temperature

Pool life saving equipment present and in good working order

All Aqua class equipment is stored correctly and neatly

Pool area rules are displayed and correct

Swimming pool water is crystal clear and at the correct temperature

No scum lines evident in swimming pool

Water cooler working and clean

8.0 Gym Area.

Air conditioning working, at the correct temperature with all vents free of dust

All lights working

Music at the correct levels at all times with the correct tempo

All machines clean and working with none out of order

The correct out of order signage is displayed where appropriate

All flooring is clean with no dust evident. Corners are clean

All matting is clean and without damage

All pads on resistance equipment is clean and free of tears

All equipment is stored away when not in use with no trip hazards

Spray bottles and paper tissue readily available

No mobile phone signage in place

Are all the daily, weekly and monthly checklists completed and up to date

Daily cleaning schedule and rota is in place

Water coolers are clean and working

All POS is relevant, up to date and presented correctly

All team members are in uniform with name badge on and interacting with members

9.0 Group Exercise and Studios.

Studio timetables displayed and up to date

Air conditioning is working, at the correct temperature with all vents free of dust

Floors clear of sweat marks and no dust evident

Mirrors are smear free and clean at all times with no damage

Walls clean with no marks evident

All lights working

All equipment immaculately stored safely when not in use

All mats clean, stored correctly and are free of damage

Foot straps are all in good condition

All seats and handlebars returned to the base when not in use

Spray bottles and paper tissue readily available in cycle studio

Music system in good working order and head mics available in all studios

All bikes out of order are removed from studio

Studio occupancy is measured and up to date

10.0 General.

Is there a club rota and daily RPOD rota in place and displayed in the club

Is the upkeep maintenance reporting app being used and is up to date

Are the most recent departmental meeting minutes displayed and signed as read by team members

All signage in club within brand standard template and displayed within a frame

Is all club feedback responded to within a maximum 48 hours

Is the most up to date member care report displayed and signed as read by team members

All emergency lighting is working around the club

All fire escapes are clear

Fire evacuation plan is in place with evidence of regular training taking place

List of essential numbers and emergency contacts available

Pool chemicals are stored safely at all times

Is there a club cleaning schedule in place

Are weekly cleaning audits with cleaning supervisor up to date and signed off

All fire equipment is clean and well maintained and not out of date

First aid boxes available and fully stocked

During the visit was there a visible management presence at all times

11.0 Recommendations for Future Capex Projects.

12.0 Beauty Rooms, Crèche and 3rd Party Operations.

Does the operation represent Holmes Place

Is it clean and well presented with opening times clearly displayed

Are team members in uniform and a good representation of the brand

All POS in line with Holmes Place expectation

All lights working

13.0 Sign Off.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.