• Rent account number

  • Location
  • Property address

  • Rent account balance

  • Audit completed on visit number...

  • Staff member completing audit

Tenancy details / Occupants

Tenancy details

  • Tenancy start date

  • Tenancy type

Tenants details

  • Tenants title:

  • Please enter tenants full name

  • Tenants date of birth

  • Tenants full address
  • Contact details (telephone / mobile phone / email etc)

  • Contact details
  • Tenants photo ID / Picture

  • Is this a joint tenancy?

  • Joint tenants title

  • Please enter joint tenants full name

  • Joint tenants date of birth

  • Joint tenants contact details (telephone / mobile phone / email etc)

  • Contact details
  • Joint tenants ID / picture



  • Please add each childs details

  • Child details
  • Name

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Relationship to tenant

  • Please enter relationship to tenant

  • Please add each adults details (other than tenant / joint tenant)

  • Adult details
  • Name

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Relationship to tenant

  • Please enter relationship

  • Identity / proof of residence


  • Are there any pets in the household?

  • Please enter each pets details

  • Pet
  • Species:

  • Has the pet been micro-chipped?

  • Has pet been registered?

  • Does the pet belong to a household member?

  • Please give name and address of owner and expected duration of stay


Property details

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Property type

  • Is the property over / under occupied?

  • Could the tenant satisfy one of the exemptions from size criteria? <br>ie requires an overnight carer / has a child with disabilities requiring their own room / have a family member away serving in the armed forces

  • Is the tenant attempting to find / would like to find a larger property?

  • Have you been able to inspect all rooms?

  • Please provide details of refusal of access:

  • Have there been any structural improvements to the property?

  • Was approval granted?

  • Please provide details

  • Are there any signs of damage to the property?

  • Please give details of damage:

  • Please add image if appropriate

  • Are there repairs needed to the property?

  • Have the repairs been reported?

  • Please provide details of repair needed


  • Are there any combustable materials stored at the property?

  • Please provide details:

  • Please add image if appropriate

  • Is there a smoke alarm at the property?

  • Is it hard wired?

Tenant support needs

Financial issues

  • Does the tenant have any rent arrears?

  • Has an affordable arrangement been put in place and being adhered to?

  • Please raise referral to Housing Officer / Welfare Reform Team for affordable repayment plan

  • Is the tenant claiming Housing Benefit?

  • Are there any outstanding issues with their HB claim?

  • Please raise referral to Housing Officer / Welfare Reform Team

Support requirements

  • Does anyone in the household have a registered disability?

  • Are they in receipt of disability benefits?

  • Referrals to be made (please select all)

  • Please give details of support required



  • I declare that the information I have given for the purposes of this form is true and accurate. I understand that giving false information may amount to fraud and I would put my tenancy at risk with the result being that I may loose my home. I may also be subject to criminal prosecution.

  • Tenant signature

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