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  • Contract

  • Manager

  • Location
  • Inspected by

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  • Operations Director

  • Area Facilities Manager

  • Contracts Manager

  • HSE Department

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Risk Assessment Matrix

  • Intolerable risks exist. This risk is unacceptable and has the potential for a serious event or an enforcement notice. The activity is to be halted until risk controls are implemented.

  • Substantial risks exist. Improved risk controls are to be implemented urgently within defined time periods.

  • Trivial to moderate risks exist. Appropriate risk controls are in place, or have been agreed and implemented.

Closing out of previous reports (if applicable)

  • All Actions completed?

  • Include outstanding items below
  • Description

  • Action by Whom

  • Action by When

Section 2

  • The purpose of this program is to improve organizational performance and safety. During these inspections, Line Managers, Facility Managers and Engineers should interact with their workers and have meaningful discussions about work process and potential improvements, including workplace safety.

    Schedule two hour or more to do a walkthrough in facility or project site to look for safety hazards. This is a great opportunity to lead by example Walk through the facility and look for anything that's hazardous, reinforce safe and effective work behaviors, and identify ways to help improve work processes and safety.

    Below is the list of items to be inspected during walk around.

Corporate Image

  • Is Branding used?

  • Is the appearance of the branding in good condition?


  • Security gates adequately manned?

  • Entry / Exit logs maintained?

  • Cameras working?

Fire & Emergency Planning

  • Fire and Emergency plans updated?

  • Drills carried out?

  • Fire Extinguishers & other systems inspected?

Housekeeping & Waste Management

  • Workplace clean and tidy?

  • Waste segregated and disposed?

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

  • RA and MS available?

  • All hazards covered?

  • Communicated to workers?


  • Chemicals identified, labelled?

  • MSDS available?

  • Assessments carried out?

  • Assessment results communicated?

Training & Competence

  • People involved in the job are competent?

Permit Systems

  • Followed?

  • PTW issued?

Supply Chain

  • Approved supplier used?

  • Stock registers maintained?

  • Materials inspected upon receipt?

Project KPIs & Initiatives

  • Any improvement needed?

  • Project KPIs available, monitored?

Site Pack

  • Is site pack available?

  • Is site pack adequate?

Power and Hand Tools

  • Tested and Inspected?

  • Fit for use?

  • Right for the job?

Work at Height

  • Material and tools at platform are secured?

  • Work platform adequate / safe?

  • Fall protection devices used?

Confined Space Work

  • Recommended controls implemented?

  • Permits available?

Plant & Machinery

  • Preventive Maintenance carried out?

  • Fit for use?

  • Inspections carried out?


  • Conducted as per schedule?

  • Scheduled?

  • Actions taken for identified issues?

Occupational Health and First Aid

  • Health hazards identified?

  • First aid available?

  • Health checks carried out as required?


  • Welfare facilities available e.g. drinking water, place to eat etc.?

Incident Reporting & Investigation

  • Investigation carried out and closed?

  • Incidents reported?

Workers Engagement

  • Hazard reporting adequate?

  • Feedback provided to employees?


  • Innovations reported, reviewed and implemented?

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