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  • All Forklift/Grab Operators hold a current & valid High Risk Licence

  • Has the Forklift been fitted with a reversing beeper, internal or external?

  • Is the reversing beeper adequate for the operating environment?

  • Does the unit have compliance plates fitted?

  • Is the seat belt interlocked to engine start or movement?

  • Does the warning device (horn) work?

  • Are mirrors fitted to the unit and damage free?

If NO has been selected for any of the above, Forklift MUST be tagged out and not used until the non-compliance is rectified.


  • Has the Forklift been modified in any way (for example when a new attachment is used)?

  • Have compliance plates been fitted for all attachments?

  • Is the attachment secured to the forklift appropriately (for example chain/s or locking pins)

  • Is a work platform / lifting cage used on the Forklift?

  • Is there a auxiliary hydraulic function lock fitted? (side shift and forward tilt lock).


  • Has the Forklift been fitted with a Forklift Management System?

  • Is there a system in place to record pre-start checks / faults / defects / damage to Forklift / grab

  • Is the Forklift fitted with an adjustable seat?

  • Does the Forklift have overhead protection for falling objects?

  • Has the Forklift been fitted with accessories for operating in a high risk environment (fire deluge system)?

  • What are the high risks associated with the Forklift / Grab operation?

  • High visibility warning stickers fitted to the rear and sides of the Forklift that clearly warns pedestrians to keep 3- metres clear. Stickers in good order? Clearly visible? Reflective?

  • Stop and reversing lights fitted and working?

  • Yellow or Orange flashing light fitted and working?

  • Are the lever controls and devices clearly marked?

  • Front lights are fitted and working?

  • Is the unit speed limited to 13 k/hr?

  • How was this checked?

  • Are foot pedal rubbers in good condition and not worn?

  • Supplier / Manufacturers Risk Assessment available?

  • Any other comments.

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