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Inspection Instructions

  • 1) The main inspection body is meant to be an area specific checklist. Where particular non-conformances are observed and more detail is required use the additional comments section on page 4 of this inspection. A new commentary can be generated for each item which requires further explanation.

    2) Where a process must be immediately corrected label it as unsafe. Where there is no immediate danger, apply the OFI Label.

    3) Any observed non-compliances should include both an action item and a description of the issue using the integrated functions.

    4) Where instances of non-conformance are observed which may pose an immediate threat to the well-being of workers or bystanders, pause the inspection and immediately stop work. Make a note of this in the inspection once the area has been made safe.

    5) While making records for this inspection, ensure that you are in a safe position to do so.

Inspection Body

General Conditions

  • Housekeeping (work area clear of clutter, tripping hazards, etc.)

  • Passageways, access, egress (clear of clutter, tripping hazards, etc.)

  • Material storage (materials stacked in an orderly fashion)

  • Ladders (inspect ladder condition, base of ladder free of obstruction)

  • Scaffold (scaffold tags updated decks free of materials, toe boards in place)

  • General lighting conditions

  • Tank ventilation & sock management in place

  • Electrical cords, cables, hose management

  • Safety signs, placards, controls updated and in place

  • Open holes identified, mitigated, covered, protected against dropped items & falls

  • Fire extinguishers inspected and at locations

  • Flammables (wood, cardboard, plastics, garbage removed from area)

  • Abandoned dunnage, blocks and pallets to remove from area

Tools and Equipment

  • Hoisting equipment (chain-falls, come-alongs, jacks etc. inspected)

  • Electrical cords, welding cable, hose in good working condition

  • Tools and materials removed from area when not in use

  • Control zones (flagging and tagging up correctly where required)

  • Control zone (flagging and tagging removed/disposed of when task complete)

  • Tools compliant with safety devices & guards

Environmental Conditions

  • Hazardous materials (properly labelled, secured, stored)

  • Waste management (area free & clear of garbage)

  • Dust management (grinding dust swept clean at end of task)

  • Spill control and containment in place where required

  • Weather protection & water abatement

Quality Items Observed

  • Quality items for pipe department

  • Quality items for paint department

  • Quality items for steel department

  • Quality items for electrical department

  • Quality items for mechanical department

  • Quality items for service department

  • Quality items for equipment care & protection

Additional Commentary

    New Comment or Non-Conformance
  • Use this space to describe the instance, use the media tool to attach photographs as needed and the action tool to create actions as appropriate.

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