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1. Training, licence &WHS requirements

  • Has a wrap been completed and all risks identified?<br>Scope of services: specifications 6 workplace health and safety

  • Are all the controls implemented adequate for the identified hazards?

  • Is there a job plan for the task being performed?

  • Are the relevant SWMS available and being followed?

  • Do all personnel have the required licenses and completed the mandatory training for the task being performed?<br>Scope of services: specifications provision of inspections and corrective maintenance <br>9 induction & training

  • Is all the appropriate PPE being used?

  • Is traffic control set up in accordance with the MUTCD?<br>Scope of services: specifications <br>Provision of inspections and corrective maintenance 11 traffic management

  • Is there a emergency plan?

  • Have all the relative permits been obtained?

Tools, equipment and plant

  • Is all electrical equipment tagged and within test date?<br>

  • Does the contractors vehicles have QUU identification?<br>Scope of services: specifications <br>Provision of inspections and corrective maintenance 13

  • Are there adequate tools available to complete the task?<br>Scope of Services: Specifications 8.1

  • Has daily checks been completed on all vehicles and plant?

  • Are all tools and equipment maintained and in good working condition?

Work Performed

  • Has the pre shut check been completed?<br>Scope of services: Specifications <br>Provision of inspections and corrective maintenance 4.3 b)iii

  • Is there DBYD plans on site?<br>Scope of services: Specifications 4.3 b) Viii

  • Have the customers been notified of the works as per QUU requirements?<br>Scope of services: Specifications <br>Provision of inspection and corrective maintenance 4.3 b)iv

  • Have all services been located and marked before any excavation?

  • Has a excavation permit been completed?

  • Is the work being carried out on the assets meet the QUU requirements?

  • Has the site been left clean and tidy?

  • Comments and observations

  • PICOW on site

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