• Number of users (people with desks and phones)

  • Number of predominantly mobile staff (people who are out of the office most of the time)

  • Number of sites in New Zealand

  • Number of offshore sites

  • NZ system is the master system (offshore sites are delivered via NZ system)

  • Current PBXs installed and at which sites?

  • Predominant PBX Provider?

  • PBX Management and finance terms expire?

Wide Area Networking

  • Draw the current network

  • Upload a photograph or image of the current WAN

  • Current WAN is:

  • Current Provider:

  • Contract expires?

  • Quality of Service

  • Class of Service

Local Area Networking @ sites with +20 users

  • Predominant LAN switching provider?

  • L3 Managed Switches?

  • Currently using VLANs?

  • Switches under support contract?

  • Insert network diagram if available

IT Systems Readiness

  • Servers are currently:

  • Approximate physical server count

  • Approximate virtual server count

  • Core (Business essential) applications outside the common MS Stack?

  • Do these require integration with the PBX?

  • Client side delivery:

  • MS Exchange version

  • Predominant MS Office version:

  • MS Licensing Model:

PSTN Connectivity

  • Current PSTN Connectivity:

  • PRA Channels

  • BRA Channels

  • Analogue Lines

  • Centrex Lines

  • SIP trunks

  • Business continuity plan currently extends to PBX?

Staff Mobility

  • Staff require extension dialing from mobiles?

  • Staff require simultaneous ring (mobile and desk phone)

  • Staff require unified voicemail (mobile and desk phone)

  • Staff require presence information on mobile

Reception Optimisation

  • How many receptionists do we currently employ?

  • How many sites have receptionists?

  • Do they currently use Screen based consoles?

Voicemail and MS Integration

  • Number of users that need voicemail

  • I want voicemail to be accessed through my email inbox

  • I want voicemail to change profile by looking at my Outlook calender

  • Number of users that need presence

  • Number of users that need Instant Messaging

  • It would be great if users could text each other easily from their desktops


  • Reporting on call records is important

  • It is essential that this reporting drills down to individual user level

  • It is important that this reporting is automated and graphical

  • Some specific reports I might like to run include:

Video Conferencing and advanced collaboration

  • I am interested in video conferencing between boardrooms at some of my sites

  • Number of sites

  • I am interested in desk to desk video conferencing

  • Number of users

  • I am interested in audio conferencing

  • Number of people internal or external who might want to connect to the same audio

  • I am interested in collaborative desktops and net meetings

  • Number of users for net meetings:

Customer excitement gauge (1 is not excited, 10 is highly excited)

  • The two most exciting things I have heard about today are:

  • A PBX That is reliable

  • Cost - price matters

  • Video conferencing

  • Integration to my Microsoft environment

  • Integration into other applications

  • Unified Messaging

  • A highly intelligent call center

  • SIP

  • VoIP

  • Voice Business Continuity

  • Brands of PBX I will never install include:

  • Brands of PBX I would prefer to use include:

Finance and support

  • I would prefer this PBX is:

  • Finance term:

  • In terms of support I would prefer

  • Please sign here to verify that the information is accurate as can best be determined. Remember to go to the next section first if there is a call center deployment to gather information on.

Call Centre

  • Number of agents

  • Calling is

  • Please list the phone numbers of the current inbound queues

  • Current 0800 provider

  • Approximate 0800 revenue is currently (annual)

  • Contract expires

  • I am interested in skills based routing

  • I am interested in my managers being able to listen in to agent conversations

  • I am interested in improving the quality of my queues with technology such as place in queue announcements

  • I am interested in predictive dialing

  • I am interested in detailed reporting on agent KRAs

  • It is essential that my call center integrates to the following applications

  • My call recording requirements are

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