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  • What incident is this report compiled for?

  • What date was the incident?

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Initial Securing of the Scene

  • Incident has just been notified to you. Ask if anyone has been hurt and if an emergency has been called. If emergency called, the OCE will be in charge of this event and recommended you attend the scene if in one of our work areas if approved by the OCE. If no emergency has been called, ask the Supervisor to secure the scene till you get there. If not onsite continue communication with them to ensure scene is secured and not touched. Ask them for preliminary information on the event so that you could summarise to the management team.

  • Call Manager of your work area and notify them of the incident and that you are on your way to the incident to review the scene or you are awaiting information from the in field coordinator (OCE/Supervisor). Tell them you will get back to them with further information as soon as possible but the scene is being secured. Ask them if they can notify the SSE of the event if required to give you time to coordinate the required items to attend to the event. Try to only give them facts of what you know. If you do not know what has exactly happened advise you need more information and will call as soon as you know.

Notifications of HPI

  • Department Manager

  • SSE. Do not call any other external stakeholders until you have had approval from SSE or SSE Delegate

  • Explosives Inspector. Required if the incident relates to an explosives incident.

  • Mines Inspector

  • ISHR

  • SSHR #1

  • SSHR #2

  • Queensland Police. If security event and unlikely to locate explosives prior to end of shift and will be leaving overnight

  • HSE/Site Systems if QLD Police have been involved

  • Send out an initial notifications email to the following people on day of event: DNM Mine Record, Tracey Crank, Conrad Murray, Susan Ditton, Priscilla Wilesmith, Koshiv Niranjan and any other related stakeholders (for example maintenance if a fire event or the applicable supervisors/OCEs involved in response. You will need this information with the times for the Form 1A and Form 5A and EIN notifications to the Government. Keep good records of the times you call personnel.

Collection of Data Day of Event

  • BMA Safe

  • Drug & Alcohol Test

  • Equipment Prestart

  • Photos of Equipment on all four sides

  • Drone Imagery (must occur for all vehicle events)

  • Photos of Housekeeping at the area of the event

  • Photos of general area of the event

  • Photos of any damaged property

  • Statements of personnel involved in event or witness to event

  • CCTV Footage

  • AH or Mine Star files downloaded

  • Two way comms downloaded

  • If event occurred on the road, OCEs should review road conditions (moisture etc) immediately

  • Weather Conditions

  • Swipe history from the security gate

  • Prestart information

Filling out the Form 1A - Mines Inspecotrate

  • Completion of the form 1A must be completed within 24 hours of the event. Obtain Template from C:\Users\davisk\OneDrive - BHP\DNM Dozer, Drill & Blast\1. SHES Management\zz. Form 1A Template

  • Send completed form 1A to department manager and SSE for review prior to sending to external personnel

  • Approval received of Form 1A internally?

Filling out the Explosives Incident Notification (EIN) - Explosives Inspectorate

  • For all explosives incidents, a EIN must be submitted online. Do the form 1A first and then you can copy sections into the EIN. This has to be done no later than 48 hours after the event. Access to the online EIN form is via https://forms.business.gov.au/smartforms/landing.htm?formCode=EIN

  • Click on Open New Form

  • Fill out the form. Reminder that under the section 'authority (licence, Permit) number if known' must be licence to store number if occurred in the reload or magazine. It is the Shotfirers licence number if occurred on the blast bench. Latitude and longitude of the magazine is 22.08 and 148.31 respectively if needed. The licence to store number is 1200386. For the address of incident location you can type in 'poitrel access road, coppabella' and it should come up.

  • Copy sections of the form 1A into the EIN at the relevant sections. This ensures only one truth is being put forward to the government with both forms aligning.

  • Once the form is submitted. Copy the report number and then you will have to exit and log back into https://forms.business.gov.au/smartforms/landing.htm?formCode=EIN as if you were going to start a new incident. Click on 'open saved form' and then enter the report number. Once in, click on download copy of report and save the PDF for sending in email.

Submission of Form 1A and EIN to Government

  • Send form 1A and EIN to the following personnel: Department manager, SSE, ISHR, SSHR#1, SSHR#2, Mines Inspectorate and Explosives Inspectorate if the event is related to an incident involving an explosive. The mine record must also be copied into this email bmacmominerecordentry@bhp.com and dnmminerecord@bhp.com

  • To ensure you have the correct email addresses of the inspectorate, call them to confirm that they have received the form 1A

Fiori Event

  • Put in the fiori event

  • Once submitted you will need to log back into the event and ensure that the box is ticked saying 'legal report required' so that tracey can find it in the system and ensure it is tracked as is on strict 28 day investigation timeframe

  • Ensure that the investigation is started through the fiori event and keep track of the number. Book the meeting for the investigation and ensure relevant facilitator and cross section of personnel. Fill in the investigation online and submit to manager for approval

  • Send out the Fiori event to the DL for Daunia Operations (all personnel)

  • Once investigation has been approved you can log into the 'investigation brief library' on the fiori tiles. Type in the investigation number and get the one page investigation summary to send out to the DL for Daunia Operations (all personnel)

Form 5A

  • Once investigation is completed and approved with investigation report finalised, you will need to submit a form 5A to the Mines Inspectorate. This one is done online via https://mir.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mir/incident_form.php

  • Once on the start page fill in the details in Option 1. The Mine ID is M019976 for Daunia Mine

  • Read the questions carefully and only fill out what you need to. The form 5A should match details in your investigation report.

  • Once completed print to PDF the summary page of the submitted report and keep on file. Send the form 5A and the investigation report to the DNM Mine Record email address dnmminerecord@bhp.com and include Tracey Crank, HSE Superintendent, Site Systems Superintedent, Department manager and applicable supervisor of the event. The HPI reporting will now be completed

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