• Ground floor?

  • Number of ground floor windows

  • Are all windows capable of being locked?

  • Fire exit route?

  • Number of doors (Entry/exit points)

  • Who can ACCESS the door(s)
    (NB Estates and IT staff are assumed)

  • How is access restricted to selected staff?

  • Who can LOCK/UNLOCK the door(s)
    (NB Estates and IT staff are assumed)

  • Door security (selected staff only)

  • Are the doors/windows covered by CCTV recording?

  • Is the interior of the room covered by CCTV recording?

  • Is the location covered by an intrusion alarm system out of normal business hours?
    (This might be in the form of PIR or door or window sensors)

  • Is the location covered by a fire alarm system?
    (i.e. does the room have appropriate smoke detection)

  • Are fire extinguishers available nearby and in date?


  • Are the door(s) locked
    (Choose N/A if staff present)

  • Are the window(s) locked
    (Choose N/A if staff present)

  • Does the location contain confidential information?

  • Is confidential information secured so that it can't be seen through door(s) or window(s)?

  • Is all confidential data secured?
    (Check workspaces, notice boards, shelves, folders, etc.)

  • Where is confidential information stored? (Select all that apply)

  • Are ALL these stores capable of being secured?

  • Are they ALL secure at the moment?

  • Is confidential information at elevated risk from other factors such as fire or flood? (Please provide details)

  • Are keys secured?
    (Are any keys for the room, cabinets, drawers, etc. secured? i.e. Keys should not be left in locks)

  • Are ALL unattended computers locked or powered off?
    (You may need to turn on the screens and/or wake the computer to check fully)

  • Are unlocked & unattended computer screens free of confidential information?

  • Are laptops or other portable computing or storage devices secured?
    (Items such as laptops/phones/tablets and removable storage should be locked away when not in use)

  • Are bins (including paper recycling) free of confidential information?


  • Additional notes:

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