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    1. Please answer the questions below.
    2. Add Photos in ""Images"" and Comments in ""Notes"" on each question.
    3. Add a Corrective Measure in ""Action."" Provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date
    4. Complete the audit by providing a digital signature
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  • Date and Time

Asset Information

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  • Asset Number

  • Asset Description

  • WLL of Asset


  • Are Warning Stickers Fitted & Clearly Visible

  • Are the ID Plates Fitted & Clearly Visible

  • Are there any cracks and defects

  • Are the wheels and feet in good condition

  • Are all bolts tight

  • Is the slope of the stiles between 60 and 70 degrees

  • Are the treads depth greater than 100mm

  • Is there anti slip fitted to the steps

  • Are the treads evenly spaced

  • Are the tread spacings between 200mm and 250mm

  • Does the platform have handrails on both sides

  • Is the handrail diameter less than 30mm

  • Is there a minimum hand clearance of at least 60mm around the handrails

  • Is the top handrail greater than 900mm and less than 1100mm

  • Does the platform have an intermediate handrail no greater than 450mm between the top handrail and the platform

  • Does the platform working deck have a suitable anti slip surface

  • Is the platform over 2000mm and over in height, if it is, is there a toe board installed on 3 sides

  • Is the height of the toe board great than 100mm high

  • Is the platform fitted with a chain or a restraint to stop a person from falling down the platform

  • Is the gate in good working order


  • General Comments on Defects

  • General Repairs Completed Onsite

  • Does the asset meet safety requirements?

  • Does the asset require repairs offsite?

  • Auditor Sign Off

  • Please add Photos

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