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Health and Safety Inspection


  • Are all lights in good operating condition?

  • Are all walking and working areas adequately lit?

  • Are light fixtures clean?

  • Are protective lenses in good condition?

  • Are windows/skylights clean?

  • Are work areas free from glare?

  • Is the emergency lighting checked once a month?


  • Is ductwork free of blockage or damage?

  • Are hoods free of blockage or damage?

  • Are filters free of blockage or damage?

Floors (Walking/Working Surfaces)

  • Are floors clean, dry, clean from debris and clutter?

  • Are signs posted where floors are wet?

  • Are surfaces free from slip hazards (water, ice, oil, grease, etc.)?

  • Are surfaces free from trip hazards (wire, torn carpet, tiles, etc.)?

  • Is there good drainage?

  • Are anti-fatigue mats in good condition, clean?

  • Are aisles marked, clear, and not obstructed?


  • Are stairs and landings kept clear of debris and clutter?

  • Are stairways adequately lit?

  • Are steps, treads, etc. in good condition?

  • Do steps and landings have non-slip surfaces?

  • Are handrails provided on open sides?

  • Are handrails in good condition?


  • Located where required

  • In good condition


  • Well maintained and in good condition

  • Inspected prior to use

  • Workers have been trained

  • Properly used

Machines and Guarding

  • Are machines in good general condition?

  • Are all guards and safety devices in place?

  • Are operating controls guarded from accidental start-up?

  • Do emergency stop buttons work properly?

  • Are safe operating instructions posted on or near equipment?

  • Are danger or warning signs clearly posted on equipment?

  • Are proper lock-out and tag-out procedures in place?

Power/Hand Tools & Equipment

  • Are tools and equipment in good condition?

  • Are guards in good condition and working properly?

  • Is the required PPE worn when operating tools and equipment?

  • Is defective equipment tagged appropriately?

  • Are tools stored in their designated areas when not in use?

  • Are load limits of hoists maintained?

  • Are airlines in good condition and free of leaks?


  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Are ladders unpainted and free from grease and oil?

  • Are ladders properly positioned and secured when in use?

  • Are defective ladders tagged to indicate that they are dangerous?

Forklift and Overhead Cranes

  • Are Forklifts inspected daily? Use Daily Inspection Checklist for reference

  • Are overhead cranes inspected daily? Use Daily Inspection Checklist for reference

Stacking And Storage

  • Are shelves and racks sturdy and suitable for weight capacity?

  • Are shelves and racks in good condition?

  • Are shelves and racks properly secured?

  • Are heavier products stored on lower shelves?

  • Are materials stored securely on shelves?

  • Are materials properly labeled and have WHMS labels if applicable?

  • Are shelves and racks free from blocking aisles and exits?


  • Electrical outlets are not overloaded

  • Electrical cords are in good condition

  • Electrical cords are covered or secured

  • Grounding pins on plugs are present and have not been tampered with

  • Clear access to electrical panels

  • Breakers in the electrical panel are properly labelled

  • No combustible materials stored near the electrical panels

Fire Protection

  • Are portable fire extinguishers appropriate and available?

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected monthly?

  • Is fire fighting equipment clearly marked?

  • Are fire alarms in working order?

  • Are extinguishers clear from blockage?

  • Fire exit signs are lit

  • Fire doors are unlocked but closed, and are free of obstruction

  • Fire evacuation plan is posted

  • Escape routes are planned for persons with disabilities

  • Emergency phone numbers are located near all phones

  • Emergency lighting is functional

Hazardous Substances

  • Hazardous substances are properly labelled

  • Hazardous substances are properly stored

  • Hazardous substances are properly disposed of

  • SDSs are readily available and up to date

Loading Docks

  • Dock platforms, bumpers, stairs, steps, ramps, and railings are in good condition

  • Floors are clean and free from oil or water


  • Workstations aren’t ergonomically harmful

  • Chairs are in good condition

  • Items are not too small/big/awkward to use for long periods of time

First Aid

  • First aid kit is properly stocked

  • Certificates of first aiders are posted near the first aid kit and are current

  • WSIB poster is located near the kit

  • First aid log sheet is available and being used

  • First aid training manual is available

  • Emergency eyewash station and/or emergency showers available, as required

Material Handling and Storage

  • Sharp edges or corners are protected

  • Shelves and racks are protected from tipping

  • Shelves and racks are in good condition

  • Shelves and racks are loaded only to capacity

  • Contents are neatly and safely stored

  • All compressed gas cylinders are secured


  • Washrooms aren’t filthy

  • Soap and warm water are available

  • Towels or blowers are available

  • There is access to potable (drinkable) water

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE is worn when required

  • Workers are trained in the use of PPE

  • Steel toe shoes/boots are worn

  • Fall protection is worn when required

  • Fall protection equipment is available and well maintained

  • Hearing protection is available and well maintained

  • Hearing protection is worn when required

  • Respiratory protection is available and well maintained

  • Respiratory protection is worn when required

  • Eye and face protection is available and well maintained

  • Eye and face protection is worn when required

  • Protective clothing is available and well maintained

  • Protective clothing is worn when required

  • Hand protection is available and well maintained

  • Hand protection is worn when required


  • Are there sufficient exits for quick escape?

  • Are doors free from locks fasteners restricting escape?

  • Are routes, signs, and doors clearly marked?

  • Are exit doors free from obstruction/snow/ice?

  • Are exits and exit signs easy to read?

  • Are fire hazards away from exits?

  • Are mats at entrances in good condition, flat, clean?

Parking Lot

  • Parking lot is clear of debris

  • Parking lot is clear of potholes or other trip hazards

  • Sidewalks and ramps are in good condition

  • Sidewalks and ramps are free from ice or have been sanded or salted

  • Sidewalks and ramps are free from snow

  • Guardrails are installed on ramps and drop-offs, as required


  • Visitors must sign into a logbook

  • Visitors have read the safety rules

  • Workers have been trained in workplace violence and harassment


  • Is there any other identified hazards to be noted?

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