Title Page

  • Ticket Number

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Arrived on site and met with


  • Take Inventory

  • Is there missing hardware?

  • If missing hardware list what is missing:

  • Make: Model: Service Tag: Express Code:

  • Is this a replacement

  • If yes, did you remove silver plan software and AV?

  • Backup Old Profile

  • Install Hardware

BIOS Setup

  • Set Time And Date

  • Enable S.M.A.R.T

  • Enable WOL

Windows Setup

  • PC Name

  • User Account: staff

  • Disable Firewall

  • Disable Windows Updates

  • Enable Local Administrator Account

  • Disable UAC

  • Setup Power Options

  • Set Screen Saver Time Out 30 mins. Password On Wake

  • Disable IPV6

  • Disable Action Center

  • Install Printer Under Staff Account

  • Create Client Live Account

  • Live Account Information

  • Activate Microsoft Office

  • Install Java

  • Install Adobe Flash

  • Install nettime

  • Install Google Chrome

  • Does the PC have a scanner?

  • Install Scanner Driver and Software

  • Reboot

ECW Setup

  • Add Mixed Mode .Reg

  • Add Trustedsites .Reg

  • Install tightvnc

  • Run ECW setup

  • Check firewall. ECW sometimes enables it.

  • Reboot

  • Copy Config File to ECW folder

  • Run cwreg.bat

Install Streamline Software

  • Install Client Silver Plan Software

  • Does the PC show up on dashboard?

  • Install Webroot

  • Does the PC show up on dashboard?

Confirm everything works

  • ECW Able to Login and Work.

  • Scanner Working in ECW

  • Microsoft Office Works

  • All Printers Work

  • Is the client happy?

  • If not please state why. List what you will do to resolve.

Technician Additional Information

  • Notes

  • Photo of Final Installation

  • Add signature

Office Manager Agreement

Office Manager Agreement

  • By signing below you agree all work was done by the technician and is satisfactory

  • Add signature

  • Did the Office Manager sign the agreement?

  • If not, why

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