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  • Technician Name

  • Auditor Name

  • Conducted on

  • Address
  • Company

Technical Section

Technical Section

  • Are all F connectors the correct type & fitted correctly?

  • Are all F connectors tight?

  • Did the technician leave a user guide?

  • Correct & current isolator type fitted as per NFSG process?

  • Are unused ports in the DP, ETB & house terminated?

  • Is the cabling visibly free from kinks/ cuts/ ripples & damage?

  • Are the correct cables in the property? (SCART, HDMI, Ethernet & Power cables)

  • Are all enclosures secured & closed? (e.g. DP, ETB, Pit lids, Tee cover etc...)

  • Are all cables correctly routed and labelled in the DP?

  • Are all work areas tidy & free from dirt/debris?

  • Are all services working?

Digital Signal Related


  • Downstream signal within spec? (+3 to -3)

  • Upstream signal within spec? (40db to 50db)

  • Downstream SNR within spec?

  • Speed test completed?

  • Left on a working web page?


  • Downstream signal within spec? (+3 to -3)

  • Upstream signal within spec? (40db to 50db)

  • Downstream SNR within spec?

  • Set up remote with the TV?


  • We're you present during the installation? (If no, do not continue)

  • We're you pre called and advised of an ETA?

  • Did the technician introduce them by name and show you their I.D badge?

  • Did the technician discuss and agree the work to be carried out with you?

  • Did the technician wear overshoes and tidy up after themselves?

  • Are you happy with the work carried out?

  • Did the technician answer any questions you had?

  • Did the technician fill out a checklist with you?

  • Did the technician explain how you could get £50 off your bill?

  • Did the technician explanation NPS/e-digital?

  • Between 0-10 how would you rate the virgin media technician?

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