General Services

  • Confirm IT Shared Drive in operation

  • Confirm all SDT members have Site Induction cards (CONTM-PLIVG-ALL-TPLATE-28)

  • Confirm all SDT members have name identification displayed

Concierge Services

  • ESS Demonstration

  • Demonstrate how to view CCTV footage from Fri 30 May 14 between 1130 - 1135h

Building Maintenance Services

  • Assess car parks and roadways for condition of line markings

  • ESS Demonstration

  • How to complete "Maintain all BBQ areas" IAW Example Event

  • Demonstrate how BMS data is backed up offsite

  • Handyperson to demonstrate monthly Gas Hot Water / Solar Heater Storage planned maintenance

  • Handyperson to demonstrate monthly Gas Distribution planned maintenance

  • Handyperson to demonstrate biannual Laundry Equipment servicing

  • Complete Inspection of all buildings. Photograph and measure any/all building movement for future reference and identify any repair, maintenance or issues which need rectification.

  • Roofing

  • BMS

  • Guttering

  • Signage

  • Air Con Units and supporting insulation

  • Window furnishings

  • Hot Water Tanks

  • Oil separator <br>

  • Foot Paths, road ways, kerbing, etc

  • Colourbond

  • Electrical and lighting

  • Laundry wall/floor finish

  • Washing Machines/Dryers/Clothes lines/lint filters

  • Building - Internal

  • Building - External

  • Furniture Fittings and Equipment

  • Other

Housekeeping Services

  • Complete Inspection to ensure Cleaning Standards are met including waste refuse storage areas

  • Complete Inspection of random car parks to ensure all oil spills have been removed and hazardous waste including batteries are not left behind

  • Complete Inspection of Office area to ensure Cleaning Standards are met

  • Complete Inspection of Chemical holdings

  • Complete Inspection of Spill Kit and staff training of same

  • Confirm how housekeeping equipment is maintained and serviced in accordance with the relevant Operation and Maintenance Manual

  • Confirm how 28 day requirement to service SDU's is managed

  • ESS Demonstration

  • Cleaning of ensuite crimsafe window

Grounds and Gardens Services

  • Inspect random Grounds equipment to ensure all is in good working order

  • Complete Inspection of site Storage Shed and confirm floors around machines are kept clean

  • Complete Inspection of Grounds and Gardens to confirm IAW Standard, including any overhanging trees

  • Complete inspection of random area within licence area and confirm area is IAW landscaping plan example correct number or type of plant in garden bed

Pest Control Services

  • Complete Inspection of site to ensure free of pests

Utilities Management Services

  • Check Laundries for Defence ESD related/awareness posters

Accommodation Management Services

  • Complete Inspection of laundries to confirm if cleaning/servicing notifications are posted/correct

  • Explain process for FF&E i.e. once a march out has been actioned is all FF&E reinstated to room before new march in? If so, why?

  • Confirm stored mattresses are covered/protected from pests, mould, etc.

  • ESS Demonstrations

  • March In Inspection

  • March out Inspection

Subcontractor Management

  • Randomly select a subcontractor onsite and check their site induction card

Linen/Laundry and Bed Making Services

  • Confirm if any linen has been purchased in the past 6 months and for what reason


  • Complete Inspection of site to confirm free of hazards

  • Complete Inspection of five chemicals and confirm current MSDS, on chemical register (approved) and ChemAlert Risk Assessment

  • Complete Inspection of first aid kit for site and confirm all products are in date


  • Complete Inspection of site to confirm free of environmental hazards

Emergency Procedures

  • Complete Inspection and review all Emergency Evacuation Signs

  • Complete Inspection of all FHR, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and hydrants

  • Complete Inspection of all emergency exit light/signage

  • Confirm "Red Book" filing system in place and up to date

  • Complete Inspection of Emergency Exits and confirm free of obstructions

Defect Liability Period

  • Confirm site inspection is occurring prior to the expiry of the Defect Liability Period. Provide evidence of same.

Continuous Improvement

  • Are any new forms, documents, procedures required?

  • Are any changes required to forms, documents, procedures?

  • Have you reviewed the Policies and Procedures documentation recently to confirm accuracy of information?

  • Do you have any Crystal Report or QFM Ideas?

  • Do you have any feedback on newly implemented documentation or processes?

  • Do you have any comments you would like to provide?


  • Signature of Facilities Supervisor.

  • Signature of Plenary Living Operations Manager.

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