Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Name of Client

  • Name of Person being Review

  • Year being Reviewed

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by person doing Review

Client Profile

  • Does the Manager know the client and have regular contact with the client?

  • Describe the affairs of the client?

  • How long has the client been our client

  • Are the services required by this client within the managers competency?

  • Note the number of entities and individuals in the group

  • Is the business structure and our cost structure appropriate for this client?

  • Does the client present any ethical or business risk to our firm?

  • Comments

Job File

  • Number of electronic folders?

  • Number of paper files?

  • Are the electronic files in logical and clear order?

  • Have work papers been completed and reviewed for all tax returns?<br>

  • Do we hold any client records which have yet to be returned to the client?

  • Number of statutory or permanent files in paper format held in front cupboards

  • Have all paper work files over three years been archived?

  • Was the client invoiced within 5 days of returns being lodged?

  • Amount client invoiced?

  • Amount written off or carried forward?

  • Is the write off/carry forward explanation appear a non-recurring reason?

  • Did the client pay their account within 30 days?

  • Names of trainees and or assistants involved with this job:

  • Did the trainee and assistant time on the job exceed the managers time?

  • Comments

Key Issues - Business

  • Do work papers correctly record carry forward losses and capital losses carried forward?

  • Is the franking account up to date and correctly shown in the tax return?

  • Have any Division 7A loans been correctly treated?

  • Have luxury cars been correctly treated?

  • Have all motor vehicles been listed on schedule F-10?

  • Have all fringe benefits been identified and paid out?

  • Have all contractors been identified on schedule P-5 and superannuation obligations been met?

  • Is payroll over payroll tax threshold?

  • Is there a potential unidentified land tax question?

  • Have all trust and share distributions been minuted and traced through to beneficiaries?

Key Issues - Super Funds

  • Has super fund been audited prior to lodgement of tax return?<br>

  • Does the audit opinion have qualifications that still have not been rectified?

  • Have all pensions been adequately documented?

Key Issues - Individuals

  • Has personal checklist been completed?

  • Has the portal information been checked?

  • Have medical expenses been correctly claimed?

  • Has the client signed the ELS prior to lodgement?

Planning Oportunites


  • Tax planning?

  • Self managed superannuation fund?

  • Succession planning?

  • Estate planning?

  • Investment advice?

  • Debt management?

  • Asset protection?

  • Research and development expenditure?


  • Did the client provide any feedback on our service?

  • Is it appropriate to retain this client for the future?

  • Suggestions for improving the client experience of our services

  • Suggestions for improving the work flow for team members

  • Comments on Review

  • Assessment of job perforamce

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