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  • Document No.

  • Active tree services

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel

Incidents and Actions during the last 12 Months

  • - Check for adequate investigation and completion of actions resulting from the investigations

Site Management Plans

  • - Check for currency of completes of the contents

  • - What procedures are in place to ensure they are kept up to date

Safety procedures

  • - Are procedures on site current and readily available

  • - how do you ensure that the crews have the latest manuals , procedures , SWMS and MSDS

  • - Are safety procedures being implemented according to the procedures

  • - What National procedures are changed to suit your location? View on local Intranet

  • - How often do you review the site safety , Environment quality plan

Hazards and Risks

  • - How are you Identify risks and hazards in the work place? Bothe field and office

  • - How do you ensure that identified hazards and risks are being controlled adequately

  • -How do you ensure work practices are performed in conjunction with procedures and relevant SWMS ?

  • - How frequent are Hazard assessments reviewed and is the retention period and where are they stored?

  • - How are environmental hazards identified and issues recorded and presented to crews ?

  • - Have the most recent SWMS been distributed to the crews? Site signed workers declaration

  • - Is there a local Risk Register and is it reviewed annually ?

Tool Box Talks

  • - Check to ensure that records exist and controls are in place to ensure that everyone has received the talks?

  • - Explain the tool box talk process ?

  • - Do you have group tool box talks?<br>

  • - How often are they conducted ?

  • - If a crew member is absent on the day of the tool box talk how do you ensure they receive the talk at later date ?

  • -Site completed Toolbox talks and site Share point entries

  • - Do you Have regular meetings with your customers <br>- Do you have minuets reports ect

Audits - Site safety Environmental and behaviour

  • - Verify that Managers have completed their monthly / Quarterly Audits

  • - Are supervisors conducting enough audits relevant to the amount of crews they have

  • - Are the audits completed and of a quality standard ?

  • - Site original Audits ( paper based ) Were are they filled

  • - Verify that audits are entered into the system ?

Non - Conformances ( Major and minor OFI'S )

  • - Are non- Conformances entered into the system , Investigated and actions finalised

  • - Check For out comes from audits and that issues have addressed and actions closed ?

Invoicing Procedures

  • - Check flow of work from work order through to invoice verify documents ?

Office Inspection

  • - Office Inspection are they conducted every 6 months

  • - When was the last office inspection completed ?

  • -Who is the fire warden What training do they have

  • -Show your emergency evacuation procedure and evacuation diagram , Does it comply with AS 3745

  • -When was your last fire drill ? What and where are your results?

  • - Check fire exits for obstructions

  • -Check Fire extinguishers are tagged correctly and are operative

  • - Where is the first aid kit?<br>- Is the first aid kit fully stocked?<br>- Are the contents in date and in serviceable condition?

Business Planning

  • - Do you have your Safety strategy plan available?

  • - Can you show me the how you are managing all the initiatives in you plan?

  • -How is the strategy plan KPI'S tracked and managed?

  • - Are there any other state specific initiatives in place?


  • - What processes are in place to ensure that contract requirements are being me?

  • How are customer complaints / Feed back managed? Explain the Process

  • - What records are kept in relation to customer complaints?<br>-Were are they kept?

Legal Requirements

  • - How do keep aware of changes to state legislation

Use of contractors

  • - How to determine to use sub - contractors

  • - Are sub - contractors insurances maintained,How and are they current? ( Site Them )

  • - Do you do performance reviews on sub - contractors? ( Site copies )

  • - How do you determine that contractors are following the company policies and procedures?

  • -How do you monitor sub - contractors training to ensure they are trained and there training is current for tasks they are performing?

training and competency's

  • - How often is environmental training sessions or discussions held?

  • - Do all workers understand their roles and responsibilities?

  • -Are performance reviews conducted? ( View a performance review )

  • - Are workers training records up to date?

  • - How do you determine that a workers training is up to date?

  • - How do you ensure that workers have the appropriate training for the role they are performing?

  • - How do you ensure that workers only perform the task they are trained for?

Non-conformance - Corrective & Preventive Actions

  • - What measures do you take ensure CRM actions are completed within the correct time frame?

  • - Review if adequate investigation and completion of actions?


  • -Where are the archived documents stored

  • - Are they labeled as per the control of records procedure?<br>- If a different process is used , what is the process?

  • - Check archive storage for availability , easy to retrieve , free from damage and degradation?

  • - Is There a schedule for destruction of documents?

  • - What type of document destruction is used?

Measurement, Analysis & Improvements

  • - Do you have any improvements or suggestions regarding standard operating procedures?

Document control

  • - Do you understand the new document control procedure and requirements?

  • - Has the local Document library been updated with contract / regional specific documents?

  • - Have document owners been assigned and reviewed documents?


  • Actions Required

  • Actions


  • Recommendations for improvement

  • Recommendations
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