Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Location

  • Auditor

  • Staff Involved



  • All the correct Equipment being used eg10x lens, recording sheets, plastic bags etc


  • Training records have been completed for all staff covering all theory and practical requirements


  • Training requirements are clearly documented including supervision on orchard eg SOP

  • Orchard inductions are carried out correctly

  • Correct procedures being followed, eg minimum 6 fruit clusters checked for Leafroller

  • Documentation completed as required


  • Bags of leaves stored appropriately, eg not in direct sunlight

  • Scoping area adequate

  • Scoping technique correct, minimum 100 leaves checked

  • Auditor Check of leaves

  • Documentation completed as required

  • Leave disposal compliant with KVH procedures, eg bin liners in bins

  • Results provided to grower and uploaded to spray diary

Additional Comments

  • Further Comments/Issues identified

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