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  • Location

  • Auditor


  • Coolstore security checks and cleaning completed CS-FORM-004 Coolstore Cleaning and Security Record. Version date current and correct

  • Check selected coolstores for contamination, wall and doors are sound, pallet spacing 100mm within coolstore

  • Any non-conforming product instore is clearly identified and segregated

  • Have any containers been rejected, if so has an e-mail notification been sent

  • Lights protected from breakage and Lighting checks completed and recorded on correct Form

  • Have training records been completed

Satellite Coolstore

  • Is a Satellite Coolstore being audited

  • Is the site free from debris and waste and in a clean and tidy condition

  • Weeds and vegetation are maintained

  • Maintenance repair sign off records completed if required. OPS-FORM-017 Maintenance or repair Signoff Form. Version date current and correct

  • Toilets and handwashing facilities clean an tidy if applicable

  • Handwashing facilities have adequate stocks of soap and paper towels

  • Signs of pest activity around site eg rodent, bird droppings, Birds nests etc

  • No gaps in walls, under doors for pest entry

  • Internal traps barcoded and attached

Calibration of Thermometers

  • Have all thermometers been calibrated including automatic fruit probes, hand held probes, LECA

  • Correct calibration method followed eg ice slurry

  • Handheld are calibrated before season and at least once a month

  • Is the correct form been used, CS-FORM-008 Handheld Probe Calibration Form. Version date current and correct

Temperature Monitoring

  • Check the minimum number of probes per room is correct, eg 4 Probes per pre-cooler, 2 Flesh, 2 Air, 5 probes per coolroom, 2 Flesh, 3 Air

  • Have manual temperatures been taken at a minimum 3 times per week, 4 flesh temps per room operating, CS-FORM-003 Coolstore Manual Temp Form. Auditor Manual temps to confirm operating within spec.

Ethylene sampling

  • Has ethylene sampling been taken as required, eg prior to any fruit being placed in a coolstore and fortnightly once fruit stored


  • Has there been any de-greening on site

  • Has the correct de-greening protocol been followed

  • Have there been any soft lines identified during weeks 11 and 12.

  • Has Zespri been notified

Loadout Procedure (Zespri Product)

  • Records are maintained of Inspections of Vehicle and Containers used for Loadouts, eg Export Loadout Checklist

  • The Loadout area is clean and contaminant free

  • Product supervised at all times

  • All pallets are inspected to confirm they meet Zespri Specs

  • Electronic pallet validation is used to ensure correct pallet card

  • If pallets have been identified that do not meet spec has the corrective action been followed

  • Has the 7/8 point check been completed

  • When loading into a container that is already part loaded, has the seal been inspected

  • Confirm each pallet scanned to the envelope

  • Container seal applied immediately on completion of loading by CCP6 ZAP

  • Seals are logged in a register, secured and reconciled at least monthly

  • Paperwork complete and accurate

  • CS-FORM-002 Export Loadout Checklist 28 Feb 2020 completed and signed by CCP6 ZAPVersion date current and correct

  • Drivers Loadout Note signed

  • Second copy of Loadout note signed by driver

Internal Transfers

  • Have any internal transfers been done and has the correct loading and transfer process been followed

Uncontrolled Documentation

  • Have there been any uncontrolled documentation sighted

Additional Comments

  • Any additional comments, issues identified

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