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<br>A TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Points) audit for a kiwifruit and avocado packhouse involves assessing the vulnerabilities and risks related to food safety and security. <br>

  • Are all entry points and access to the packhouse controlled, and is there a record of who enters and exits the facility?

  • Have you conducted a vulnerability assessment to identify potential threats to your kiwifruit and avocado products, such as tampering, contamination, or theft?uit and avocado packing process?

  • Is there a documented and regularly reviewed food defence plan in place to address potential threats?

  • Are all employees professionally trained on food defence procedures and aware of their role in preventing threats to product safety?

  • Is there a visitor log for individuals who enter the packhouse, including suppliers, contractors, and maintenance personnel?

  • Are surveillance cameras in place to monitor key areas of the facility, and are the recordings regularly reviewed?

  • Are there procedures in place for verifying the authenticity of incoming kiwifruit and avocados to prevent potential contamination?

  • Is there secure storage and tracking of all chemicals, pesticides, and cleaning agents used in the packhouse?

  • Do you have a procedure for monitoring and securing packaging materials to prevent tampering or contamination?

  • Is there a protocol for reporting and investigating any suspicious activities or incidents within the packhouse?

  • Have you established a crisis management plan to respond to food safety and security incidents?

  • Do you conduct regular audits and drills to assess the effectiveness of your TACCP program?

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