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When conducting a VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point) audit for a kiwifruit and avocado packhouse, it's essential to ask a series of questions.

Access Control

  • Are there measures in place to control access to the facility, storage areas, and processing zones?

  • How is visitor access managed, and is it restricted to authorized personnel only?

Personnel Training

  • Do employees receive training on food fraud and recognising suspicious activities?

  • Is there a system in place to ensure key staff are aware of the importance of food security?

Ingredient and Supplier Verification

  • How do you verify the authenticity and integrity of incoming kiwifruits and avocados from suppliers?

  • Are there procedures to address vulnerabilities related to the sourcing of fruits?

Ingredient Storage and Handling

  • What measures are taken to prevent tampering or contamination of fruits during storage and handling?

  • Are there surveillance or monitoring systems in place for storage areas?

Packaging and Labeling

  • How do you ensure the integrity of packaging materials and labels to prevent unauthorized changes?

  • Are there tamper-evident seals or labeling procedures in place?

Transportation and Distribution

  • Are there tamper-evident seals or labeling procedures in place?

  • Are there protocols to verify the authenticity of products upon delivery?

Employee Screening

  • Do you conduct background checks or screening for employees to identify potential risks?

  • Are there processes to detect and address employee misconduct related to food security?

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

  • What procedures are in place to respond to security incidents or threats?

  • Is there a crisis management plan that includes communication and coordination with authorities?

Security Technology and Surveillance

  • Are there security technologies such as cameras, alarms, and access control systems in place?

  • How frequently are surveillance systems checked and maintained?

Record-Keeping and Documentation

  • Do you maintain records related to food security, including access logs, training records, and audit findings?

  • How long are these records retained, and are they readily accessible for auditing?

Service and Supplier Audits

  • How do you assess the security measures of your suppliers and vendors?

  • Are supplier audits conducted regularly to ensure their compliance with food fraud requirements?

Incident Reporting and Investigation

  • Is there a clear process for reporting and investigating potential food security incidents?

  • Are employees encouraged to report suspicious activities without fear of reprisal?

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