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Food Safety

Grounds and Building Exterior

  • Is the site free from debris and waste and in a clean and tidy condition

  • Weeds and vegetation are maintained

  • Temporary structures sighted in good condition

  • Reject Fruit Bins covered

Building - Internal

  • Internal walls are cleanable and free from dirt and mold

  • Floors are clean with no significant cracks

  • Ceiling Fixtures maintained

  • External doors leading into the Packhouse are closed or plastic curtains are installed

  • Plastic Curtains are maintained in good condition and are for for purpose

  • Lighting checks are completed monthly: QUAL-FORM-054 Lighting-Breakables Monitoring Checklist Repack TT, QUAL-FORM-055 Lighting-Breakables Monitoring-Kaimai, QUAL-FORM-056 Lighting-Breakables Monitoring Checklist-Coast, QUAL-FROM-057 Lighting Breakables Monitoring Checklist-ML Packhouse. Version dates current and correct


  • Temporary repairs sighted

  • Are they in good condition

  • Monthly Inspections completed: OPS-FORM-018 Equipment Inspection Form. Version date current and correct

  • Is there a plan to make any temporary repairs permanent

  • Maintenance repair sign off records completed: OPS-FORM-017 Maintenance or repair Signoff Form. Version date current and correct

  • Signed by appropriate persons

Contamination Management

  • Contaminates register compliant: QUAL-FORM-065 Daily Contaminants Register. Version date current and correct

  • Plaster register compliant: QUAL-FROM-059 Plaster Register. Version date current and correct

  • Eye Glasses Register Compliant: QUAL-FORM-131 Eye Glasses Register. Version date Current and Correct

  • Each area has a list of contaminates

  • Signs of Contamination

  • All chemicals contained in appropriate locked storage

  • Tools sighted in packing areas

  • Only one piece pens in the packhouse

  • All lights within the grading and packing areas, packmaster etc covered and intact


  • All packaging covered

  • Pallet Bases are free of debris and footprints etc

House Keeping, cleaning and hygiene

  • Toilets and handwashing facilities clean an tidy

  • Handwashing facilities have adequate stocks of soap and paper towles

  • All cleaning records compliant; QUAL-FORM-060 Bathroom Cleaning Checklist, QUAL-FORM-061 Kitchen Cleaning Checklist, QUAL-FORM-062 Packhouse Cleaning Checklist. Version date current and correct

  • All cleaning equipment correctly colour coded and segregated.

  • Choose a selection of chemicals and look for SDS

  • Do the Cleaners have training records

Personnel Health and Hygiene

  • Facility has appropriate numbers hairnets and snoods available.

  • Correct FPC being worn by staff in all areas

  • FPC not to be worn on breaks

  • FPC fit for purpose, no pockets above the waist etc

  • FPC not to be stored in staff lockers or around packhouse

  • Food and/or drink not to be visible in staff lockers

  • No Jewellery, personal items, eating or drinking in the packhouse.

  • Smoking confined to designated areas only

  • Staff washing hands after returning from breaks

  • Daily Food Checklist completed: QUAL-FORM-064 Daily Food Safety Checklist - Packhouse Version date current and correct

Pest Management

  • Signs of pest activity around site eg rodent, bird droppings, Birds nests etc

  • no gaps in walls, under doors for pest entry

  • Traps accessible for servicing

  • Internal Pest Maps Accurate

  • Internal traps barcoded and attached

  • Monthly Inspections conducted by contractor

  • Monthly inspection reports accurate, listing all chemicals used

Storage and Despatch Facilities

  • All external coolstore doors are locked

Uncontrolled Documentation

  • Have there been any uncontrolled documents sighted

Additional comments

  • Additional comments, issues identified

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