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Previous Inspection

  • 1) Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 2) Have all outstanding actions been addressed?


  • 3) Are the fire lanes clear?

  • 4) Is the building address clearly visible?

  • 5) Is there a fire department lockbox?

  • 5a) Are the keys current?

  • 6) Are the sprinkler/standpipe connections visible and in good condition?

  • 7) Are exterior doors properly identified?

  • 8) Is vegetation maintained to provide clear visibility and clearance around light fixtures and safe pathways?

  • 9) Are all walking or working surfaces free of tripping/slipping hazards?


  • 10) Are floor mats present and in good condition?

  • 11) Are all ceiling tiles in place and in good condition?

  • 12) Is PPE readily available to all personnel, including visitors to the area?

  • 13) Are areas requiring use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) adequately posted with warning signs and enforced?

  • 14) Is good housekeeping practiced in the work areas?

  • 15) Is the Worker's Compensation Notice of Compliance posted?

  • 16) Are emergency phone numbers and procedures posted at or near telephones?


  • 17) Are materials stored at safe heights in relation to item weight?

  • 18) Are storage racks in good condition and properly secured?

  • 19) Is storage kept to a minimum to prevent a significant fuel load?


  • 20) Are all fire doors clear from obstructions and do they close properly?

  • 21) Are all exits marked properly and unlock from the inside?

  • 22) Do all exit lights/emergency lights illuminate and function on battery backup?

  • 23) Are all aisles/walkways accessible and clear of debris?

Fire Protection

  • 24) Is an emergency escape plan posted?

  • 24a) Are fire drills conducted?

  • 25) Are fire extinguishers and signs clearly visible?

  • 26) Have fire extinguishers been recently serviced?

  • 27) Is access to fire extinguishers clear and unobstructed?

  • 28) Are all flammable containers properly closed/covered to control vapors?

  • 29) Are sprinkler valves unobstructed?

  • 30) Is clearance of at least 18 inches maintained around fire sprinkler heads in all directions?


  • 31) Is there clear access to the breaker panel?

  • 32) Is there any exposed wiring? (Switches, Panels, Boxes)

  • 33) Are extension cords being used properly? (Too many, Defective, Grounded, Proper Cord)

Chemicals/Hazardous Materials

  • 34) Are all cylinders properly secured with straps or chains to prevent tipping/falling?

  • 35) Are empty and full cylinders stored separately?

  • 36) Are all chemicals/flammables properly stored?

  • 37) Are any chemicals too close to a heat source?

  • 38) Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available?

  • 39) Are emergency eye washes/showers provided in the required chemical areas?

  • 40) Is the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for safe handling?

First Aid

  • 41) Are first aid stations available?

  • 41a) Are contents checked regularly for adequate supply and expiration?

  • 41b) Is the cabinet clean and orderly?

  • 42) Is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) provided?


  • 43) Is access limited?

  • 44) Are security cameras present?

  • 44a) Location:

  • 45) Is there an alarm system/panic button(s)?

  • 45a) Does the alarm transmit to the alarm company or the police department?

  • 46) Does the Emergency Action Plan include any of the following procedures?:

  • 46a) Are drills done periodically?

  • General Site Audit Notes:

  • On Site Representative

  • Auditor

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