• Quarterly Safety Inspection

  • South Tryon Administration Building

  • 3145 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28217
  • Conducted on

  • R. Alan Thompson

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Fire Extinguishers

  • Are fire extinguishers ready accessible, visible, and free of obstructions?

  • Does each extinguisher have an attached inspection tag indicating that the extinguisher has been inspected within the last month?


  • Are exit signs free of obstruction and visible?

  • Do electronic exit signs illuminate when tested?

  • Are emergency evacuation lights in place and clear of obstructions?

  • Do emergency evacuation lights illuminate when tested?

AED Machines

  • Are AED machines secure and free of obstruction?

  • Are AED machines in good working order, with the indicator light flashing green?

  • Are AED pads in good condition and not past their expiration date?

  • When tested, does the AED indicate any discrepancies?

First Aid

  • Are first aid kits readily available?

  • Is the first aid kit stocked and replenished when necessary?

  • Are first aid items removed when out of date or no longer serviceable?


  • Are chemicals labeled correctly with appropriate Haz-Com compliant labeling?

  • Are incompatible chemicals stored in separate areas?

  • Are chemicals stored away from food items?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets available for each chemical used or stored at the facility?


  • Are electrical and extension cords connected correctly, not through door, ceilings, walls or attached to the buildings surfaces?

  • Are electrical and extension cords free from fraying, cuts or other damage?

  • Are electrical and extension cords of the proper type, not light duty?

  • Are all electrical and extension cord grounding pins in place and in good repair?

  • Are all openings and knock outs in electrical panels either intact or closed appropriately?

  • Is electric equipment in good repair with no exposed live electrical parts?

  • Is all equipment properly grounded?

  • Are electrical panels clear of obstruction for a minimum of 3 feet?

  • Are all circuit breakers and disconnects labeled?

Housekeeping / General Safety

  • Are wet or slippery walking surfaces marked with appropriate signage or otherwise corrected?

  • Are walking surfaces free of obstruction and other trip hazards?

  • Are all light bulbs and/or fixtures in place and functioning properly?

  • Are areas free of refuse and unnecessary clutter?

  • Are guard rails and stair rails in place and undamaged?

  • Do storage aisles have a minimum clear space of 36 inches wide ?

  • Is there an available step stool or ladder in areas where items are stored higher than 5 feet from walking surface.

  • Are storage stacks stable without leaning or signs of shifting.

  • Is there a minimum of 36 inches of clear space around heaters and other heat sources?

  • Is proper Personal Protective Equipment available and used correctly

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