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  • * Only answer questions that are relevant to the type of work being undertaken.

Job Safety Analysis

  • Is there a signed JSA on site?

  • Are the activities and controls noted on the JSA relevant to the site's works?

  • Are the controls and actions on the JSA in place?


  • Are there any apparent Electrical OH&S issues on site?<br>Some common electrical checks:<br> - Electrical bridging leads<br> - Electrical leads tagged<br> - Mains power isolated<br> - Overhead power lines and are they protected

  • If yes, are these listed on the JSA?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are site personnel wearing appropriate PPE gear for the site works?

  • Is the PPE gear in a sound condition?

Other Underground Services

  • Have other underground services been identified?

  • Are site personnel aware of the other service location? (refer to JSA)

  • Have appropriate measures been taken to protect other services? (refer to JSA)

Excavation Works

  • Is the excavation over 1.5m in depth?

  • Has the excavation been shored?

  • Has the correct entry/exit means been provided in the excavation?

Hazardous Materials

  • Does the site have any hazardous materials?

  • Are there MSDS available on site?

  • Does the JSA refer to the hazardous materials?

  • Are the control measures in the JSA implemented?

  • Are the materials being contained in a safe manner?

Plant & Equipment

  • Is the relevant pant and equipment on site documented in the JSA?

  • Is theater and equipment being used in a safe manner?

  • Is the pant and equipment being used for e work it is designed for?

  • Is there any fluid release from the plant and equipment?

Manual Handling

  • Are personnel practicing correct manual handling skills?

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Is the site kept in a neat and tidy state?

  • Are fall prevention measures in place? (refer to JSA)

  • Is equipment and materials stored safely?

Traffic Management

  • Is there. Traffic management plan?

  • Is the site set up to the traffic management plan?

  • Are pedestrians protected at all times?

  • Is work crew protected at all times?


  • Is there an environmental safety plan for these works?

  • Is the environmental plan being implemented?

Confined Space

  • Do these works involve confined space entry?

  • Does the JSA refer to confined space activity?

  • Are IRC confined space procedures on site?

  • Are IRC confined space procedures being implemented?

  • Notes/Comments

  • The purpose of this checklist is to assist IRC Contract/Project Managers in meeting their OH&S responsibilities. The Checklist does not replace nor does it intend to replace audits undertaken by Others. If when using this checklist, the Contract/Project Manager becomes unsure of any site OH&S issue, they should immediately contact IRC safety rep, or the OH&S Manager for advice.

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