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A. HOUSEKEEPING, DIETARY AND LAUNDRY SECTIONS ( for cleaning and disinfection of reusable gowns / cover-alls and goggles )

  • 1. Health Care Worker ( HCW) drops used gown/ cover-all and goggles on designated bins

  • 2. HCW sprays/ disinfects used gowns/ cover alls and goggles

  • 3. Wardman ( Level IV -PPE) collects used items

  • 4. House Keeping staff ( Level III PPE ) will do the following in a designated area

  • * For Goggles , removes and wipes visible contaminants

  • * Soaked used Items

  • * Rinse with water

  • * Wash with detergent

  • * Hangs and colects items

  • * Placed in a bag for UVC Irradiation

  • * Collects and fold items and placed in a container

  • 5. Housekeeping Staff/ Nursing Attendant label the items as follows:

  • * Number of Items

  • * Description

  • * Date Cleaned

  • 6. Checks and deliver items to logistics for storage


  • Segregation of waste products

  • Treatment/ Disinfection of waste products

  • Sealing of waste products

Labelling of Waste products

  • Date

  • Solid Waste

  • Liquid Waste

  • Transport using designated wheeled trolleys

  • Storage in designated locations

Transport of designated landfill within:

  • 48 hours – cold season

  • 24 hours – cold season

  • Cleaning and disinfection of wheeled trolleys

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