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Pull of Test of Rock Bolts in Underground

  • Is the area location data available?

  • Is the machine ok for testing?

  • Are proper tools and extra nut available for dismentling and fixing the assembly ?

  • Is the crew trained for pull out testing of rock bolts in underground Mines?

  • Is there any electrical/Mechanical work to be done?

  • Is the machine calibrated this year?

  • Is Hydraulic pipe of Pull out testing machine checked if any cut or damage?

  • Is hydaraulic oil level of hand pump checked?((recommended oil 40/68 Hydro, ankle or veedol)

  • Is any geological discontinuity observed such as shear or fault in sample?

  • Is the information of shear or fault informed to Incharge?

  • Whether SSR is being followed ?

  • Are the support systems in good health?

  • Is there any water seepage observed?

  • All required PPE's are available for testing of sample?

  • Are the persons well conversant with testing of samples and safety requirements?

  • Are the samples checked by competent person?

  • Are the adequate plate form available for sample testing?

  • Is barricading of the work area done?

  • Is proper perpendicular bolt with minimum 300 mm proturding thread selected for testing?

  • Is random selection of rock bolts include roof, corner and both sides ?

  • Is 10% of rockbolt being selected for testing at random?

  • Is the assembly properly fixed with plate so as to prevent assembly from falling ?

  • Is valve relaesed before pumping ?

  • Is any person standing directly below the fixed assembly?

  • Is the pump set below the assembly atleast 2m away below?

  • Is required pressure of 8 to 10 T applied gradually for testing ?

  • Is proper care being taken for holding the assembly during dismantling?

  • Is the valve and handle lock closed after testing?

  • Incase of failure is extra rock bolt tested in the nearby area?

  • Is there any abnormal failure found during testing?

  • Are the tested rock bolts marked with red paint and incase of failed rock bolt F is written clearly?

  • Is the testing report properly recorded and conveyed to mine supervisor and Geotech Cell?


  • Adequacy of SOP

  • Competency of Employee / Operator to follow SOP

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