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  • Guest Standards Assessment

  • Restaurant Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Greeting (DT Speaker or Front Counter) Guest is greeted upon arrival of drive thru speaker or approaching the front counter register.

  • Conversation and / or smiling (Drive-thru speaker, window or front counter) Team Members make an effort to be friendly through conversation or smiling, guest should not be interrupted while placing order.

  • Thank you (Drive-thru speaker, window or front counter) Guest is thanked for their visit.

Food Tastes Great

  • Burger Temperature is at least 125F. It’s juicy, produce is fresh and bread is properly toasted with a buttery flavor.

  • French fry temperature is at least 150F. It’s crispy, golden brown with visible salt.

Order Accuracy

  • Did the guest service employee at the DT asked you: “Do I have your order correct on the screen?” If you ordered in the lobby did they repeat the order after you finished placing it?

  • Did the guest service employee reconfirm the order with you when he/she handed it out at the DT window or delivered it on the basket in the lobby?

  • Guest gets what they ordered. To include condiments, napkins, straws, utensils and an accurate receipt.

Consistent and Quick

  • Ordering- All menu boards, OCS and speaker work, are in good repair, easy to read and clean with no missing panels, numerals or menu strips.


  • Do the employees look neat? Are the employees wearing the uniform properly? Are the uniforms complete (hat or visor, name tag, tie or scarf for Team Leaders, apron, black slip resistant shoes, black socks, etc)? Are the uniforms clean?

  • Clean restrooms-all restroom sinks, toilets, floors, and changing tables (if applicable) are clean or in the process of being cleaned.

  • Stocked restrooms-restrooms are stocked with hand soap, toilet tissue and paper towels or hand dryer is available.

  • Dumpster area is clean, lids and gates are closed and no visible trash on the ground.

  • Lot-Landscaping, garbage receptacles, parking lot and drive thru lanes are free of debris and in good repair.

Food Safety Items

  • Hand washing timer is on and proper hand washing is taking place.

  • Final Flip and check at the grill area.

  • Food Safety Checklist is completed properly.

  • Sanitizer buckets are at the proper concentration.

  • Time as a control method is used correctly for products held at room temperature.

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