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  • Guest Standards Assessment

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Food Tastes Great

  • Burgers- Neatly assembled, in the correct packaging

  • Burgers- Burger is juicy, produce is crisp and the bread has a buttery toasted flavor

  • Burgers- Burgers are at least 125 degrees when delivered to the guest

  • Measuring the Standards: Order a Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger, after receiving the burger, immediately temp the patty by inserting a thermometer probe horizontally through the side of the patty until the probe is in the middle. Record the temperature, at least 125 degrees is the standard. Look at the Jumbo Jack and note if it was assembled correctly and presented neatly, half wrapped and in the correct burger box. Take multiple bites of the Jumbo Jack and note whether the burger is juicy, produce fresh and crisp and the bun has a buttery flavor

  • Fries- Crispy, golden brown and visible salt

  • Fries- Fries are at least 150 degrees when delivered to the guest

  • Measuring the Standards: Order a medium French fry. After receiving, immediately temp two fries, one from the top and one from the bottom of the box, by inserting a thermometer probe inside the end of a fry and pushing it through the length of the fry until you are at the middle of the fry. Record the temperature, the standard is at least 150 degrees. Taste the fries and note whether they are crisp and you can taste the salt. Note if the fries have a golden brown color with visible soft, but not too dark

  • Beverages- Proper flavor, ice fill and full

  • Beverages- Coffee is at least 155 degrees when delivered to the guest

  • Beverages- All advertised beverages are available with no expired product

  • Measuring the standards: Check the beverage machine in the dining room and note if all flavors are available.
    Cold: At the drive thru order and soft drink, taste the beverage and note whether it has appropriate carbonation/flavor. Note whether the drink is filled to the top. Pour the drink down the drain while using a lid to contain the ice and note the ice level. It should be at least 1/3 full.
    Hot: Order a coffee and note the temperature by inserting a probe into the coffee. Record the temperature, the standard is at least 155 degrees

Order Accuracy

  • Guest receives what they ordered including correct product build, condiments, napkins, straw and receipt

  • Measuring the standards: Place and order at the drive thru that includes a beverage and ask for condiments. After pulling away check that you received: your correct order, your correct drink, a straw, napkins, your condiments and your receipt.

Well Trained

  • Team Members can quickly answer basic questions about the menu

  • Measuring the standard: Ask any Team Member or Manager a question about a standard menu item and its ingredients. Can the Team Member or Manager correctly answer or quickly get the correct answer to the question?

Consistent & Quick

  • All menu boards, OCS and speaker work and are in good repair with no missing numerals

  • Music can be heard playing in the dining room

  • All dine-in orders are served in a basket following current guidlines

  • Measuring the standards: While in the drive thru prior to placing an order, observe all menu boards, OCS screen and speaker. Note the cleanliness, whether there are missing numerals and if the OCS screen is working.
    Can you hear the Team Member and can they hear you?
    Inside the dining room, can you hear the music playing? It should not be louder than a normal conversation. Look at the guests are they eating from baskets? If there are no guests, order a dine in order and observe proper basket procedures.


  • Guests is greeted upon arrival

  • Team Members make an effort to be friendly by smiling and/ or conversation without interrupting

  • Guest is thanked for their visit

  • Measuring the standards: Were you greeted upon arrival?
    At any time did the Team Member smile or say something friendly or engage in a friendly conversation? Did you feel interrupted? Did the Team Member give you any form of "thank you". ie. thanks, thank you, have a good day, see you soon, etc.

Neat & Well Groomed

  • Team Members are wearing clean, wrinkle-free jack approved uniforms with a name tag, and shirts tucked into there pants

  • Hair is neat and pulled back with a hat/visor


  • Dumpster area clean, lids and gates are closed, and no visible trash on the ground

  • Landscaping, garbage receptacles, parking lot and drive-thru lane are free of debris and in good repair

  • Restroom sinks, toilets and floors are clean or in the process of being cleaned

  • Restrooms are stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue

  • Tables, chairs and highchairs are clean or in the process of being cleaned

  • Floors are dry and clean or in the process of being cleaned; wet floor signs are being used appropriately

  • Beverage station is clean and stocked with supplies or in the process of being cleaned/ stocked

  • All kitchen areas in the view of the guest are clean, organized and clutter free

  • Measuring the standards: Sinks & toilets are clean, free of dirt and appear sanitary to touch, look like they are regularly maintained or in the process of being cleaned
    No offense of graffiti. Toilet Paper and soap available in their dispensers. Paper towels are available. Floors are swept, clean and dry or in the process of being cleaned and dried. Wet floor signs are clean and out when needed. The majority of tables and chairs are cleaned, well maintained and free of debris and spills. Highchairs; run your hand around the parts a child would touch and feel for cleanliness, stickiness- are they clean enough for a child to use?

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