• Restaurant Number

  • Reason for visit

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Manager on Duty

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Food Tastes Great

  • Burgers - Neatly assembled, in the correct packaging

  • Burgers - Burger is juicy, produce is crisp and the bread has a buttery toasted flavor

  • ***Burgers - Burgers are at least 125° F when delivered to the guest

  • Fries - Crispy, golden brown and with visible salt

  • ***Fries - Fries are at least 150° F when delivered to the guest

  • Beverages - Proper flavor, ice fill and full

  • Beverages - Coffee is at least 155° F when delivered to the guest

  • Beverages - All advertised beverages are available with no expired product

Order Accuracy

  • ***Guest receives what they ordered including correct product build, condiment(s), napkins, straw and receipt


  • Team Members can quickly answer basic menu questions

Consistent & Quick

  • All menu boards, OCS and speaker work and are in good repair with no missing numerals

  • Music can be heard playing in the dining room

  • All dine-in orders are served in a basket following current guidelines


  • ***Guest is greeted upon arrival

  • ***Team Members make an effort to be friendly through smiling and/or conversation without interrupting the guest

  • ***Guest is thanked for their visit

Neat & Well Groomed

  • Team Members are wearing clean, wrinkle-free Jack approved uniforms with a name tag, and shirts tucked into their pants

  • Hair is neat and pulled back with a hat/ visor


  • Dumpster area clean, lids and gates are closed, and no visible trash on the ground

  • Landscaping, garbage receptacles, parking lot, and drive-thru lane are free of debris and in good repair

  • ***Restroom sinks, changing tables, toilets and floors are clean or in the process of being cleaned

  • ***Restrooms are stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue

  • Tables, chairs and highchairs are clean or in the process of being cleaned

  • Floors are dry and clean or in the process of being cleaned; wet floor signs are being used properly.

  • Beverage station (and sauce bar If applicable) is cleaned and stocked with supplies or in the process of being cleaned/stocked

  • All kitchen areas in view of the guest are clean, organized and clutter free

Food Safety

  • ***Any Food Safety issues seen?

  • ***Does the PIC Know the 8 Criticals? (2-Front door , 4-Hand wash/Kitchen door & 2-Grill)

  • ***Is there a Serve Safe certificate ported by the Front Counter and PIC knows where is located?

  • ***Are the sanitizer buckets labeled, are there NON-EXPIRED test strips and solution meets correct strength (150-400 ppm)?

  • ***Is there a FULL set of back up tools in the store?

  • ***Take temps of ALL aquipments

  • ***Are tea liners tied, dated and trimmed (White tube)?

  • ***Check The last 5 days on the FSC; is it free of errors and all days have a signature showing it has been checked?

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