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Quality Management System

  • Does the supplier operate a quality management system that is formally certified to the relevant ISO or an equivalent industry standard, by an accredited body and contain the quality policy and quality manual. When was it last reviewed? Ref 4.1,4.2.1,4.2.2,4.2.3,5.3,5.4.1,5.4.2<br> <br>


  • On receipt of order is there a contract review in place, where order number,,drawing revision,quantity,delivery,certification and inspection criteria are identified? Ref 7.2.2


  • Is there a documented approved supplier list and do you grade then, how? Ref 7.4.1, <br>

  • Are suppliers evaluated prior to being approved and is this evaluation conducted on a periodic basis, with records maintained?Ref 7.4.1<br> <br>

  • Are documented purchase orders issued to suppliers, containing information on product requirements, materials and any applicable acceptance criteria? Ref 7.4.2<br><br>

Goods inward

  • Explain how items and raw materials are inspected prior to being booked in and referenced against the purchase order? Ref 7.4.3<br> <br>

  • How are goods receiving non conformities dealt with is there a dedicated quarantine area? Ref 8.3

  • How is material certification stored? Ref 4.2.4

  • How are raw materials segregated, ferrous / non ferrous ( customer requirement)


  • Is MRP software in place? Ref 7.5.1 <br>

  • How is workflow controlled? Ref 7.5.1<br> <br>

  • How are drawings released into manufacture and how are old revisions or superseded drawings removed from circulation? Ref 7.3.7

  • Are route cards or similar used to identify key production stages to the workforce? Ref 7.5.1

Production Process/ workflow

  • Are production programmes on machinery and plant, or any pre-calibration routines verified prior to running production, and are there any in process checks carried out? ( operator sign offs , first off inspection) Ref 7.5.2<br><br>

  • If there is a technical query ( TQ) on the drawing, how is the query answered / resolved and controlled? Ref 8.3

Inspection and Test

  • How are all critical inspection and testing stages identified ? Ref 7.4.2<br> <br>

  • How do you ensure final inspection and testing requirements are met as specified by the client ( PO check SAT and final dimension check ?) ? Ref 7.5.1, 7.5.2<br> <br>

  • Are all critical dimensions documented stating the actual results achieved ( not mandatory check PO) ? Ref 7.5.1<br><br>

  • Is inspection and testing conducted with equipment capable of measuring to the specified tolerances? Ref 7.5.1

  • Is all measuring and inspection equipment uniquely identified and calibrated on a periodic basis, do you have any reference equipment e.g Master slip gauge So? Ref 7.6<br> <br>

  • Are you aware of any client requirements regarding the tolerance range of measuring equipment (Re: RR SABRe)

Non conformances and Corrective and Preventive Actions

  • How are non-conformances investigated and recorded (NC Log register?) ? Ref 8.3, <br> <br>

  • When a problem is found in manufacture, what is the process for correcting product non-conformances through rework or concession ? Ref 8.5.2, 8.5.3<br> <br>

  • Once quarantined,what is the process for correcting non conformances , through rework or concession? Ref 8.3

Dispatch and documentation

  • Are all products dispatched with reference to the Purchase Order and how do you ensure that copies of inspection reports or testing records are included in the documentation pack? Ref 7.5.3

Material / Product Storage

  • How are the final deliverables stored, to maintain traceability to the original purchase order, how do you account for any specialised packing required? Ref 7.5.3, 7.5.5<br> <br>


  • Are preventive maintenance plans documented, how? Is there a programme for capability improvement? Ref 6.3

Monitoring and analysis

  • What internal KPI's are set and how are they monitored? Ref 8.1, 8.21

  • Is there an internal audit programme in place ( ask for copy) ? Ref 8.2.2, 8.5.1<br> <br>


  • Are documented training records in place for all employees and how are future training needs analysed ( training appraisals)? Ref 6.2.1, 6.2.2

Health and Safety

  • Is PPE freely available at the point of use, how is this recorded?

  • Is all lifting equipment controlled in line with LOLER

  • Is there a requirement for any specialist medicals, and how are these captured and are you aware of any specific need for eye test for inspection staff ( Not yet a requirement)?


  • Do you have an environment impact plan? ( spill kits, drain plans? ) ?

  • Is there an active waste segregation process in places ?

  • Is the air quality monitored?

  • Do you record the levels of noise in the workplace?

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